"Return to the lift my little errand boy. We have work to do!"
Physical Alice demanding Henry,
Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chapter 3

The elevator, also known as the lift by Physical Alice, is a transportation machine installed by GENT. It appears in Chapter 3 of Bendy and the Ink Machine but has fallen into a completely damaged state in Chapter 4.


The elevator is large enough to be used by a group of people. The door itself is a collapsible gate consisting of metal bars that resemble a cage. The elevator has buttons for transporting to different levels and opening/closing the gates. The levels are listed as the following order:

Level Locations
SafehouseDark HallwayHeavenly Toys RoomToy Machine RoomAlice's RoomDemon Path RoomAngel Path RoomL-Shaped HallwayToy StoragePower HallwayTrailer RoomIndoor BalconyStairways 3
Stairways 2Ink-River StationWaiting Room
Lobby AreaOperation RoomSmall WorkshopSunken RoomStairways 1
Inner SanctumBlocked RoomFlooded MorgueTorture Room
Inky AbyssInk Maze
Accounting & FinanceManagement OfficeStorage RoomThe Archives


Chapter 3: Rise and Fall

Henry and Boris first enter the elevator when Physical Alice tells them to come down to Level 9. The elevator is then used by Henry to travel between floors during Physical Alice's fetch quests, with Boris staying inside for the remainder of the chapter.

The elevator can also be used as a way to hide from Ink Bendy and others monsters in a similar use for the Little Miracle Station.

Once all of Physical Alice's tasks are completed, she will allow Henry and Boris to leave in the elevator, only to send it to crash land on Level S so she can kidnap Boris and harvest his organs.

Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders

The elevator reappears in the fourth chapter and was revealed in the trailer to be utterly damaged following the previous chapter caused by Physical Alice's betrayal.


  • It is called the elevator by Thomas Connor, a term used in the United States (USA) and Canada. It was called lift by Physical Alice and even the objective cards, a different term for other regional countries such as United Kingdom (UK), New Zealand, South Africa, etc.
  • Based on Thomas' second audio log, there is more than just one elevator at the studio. However, there is only one elevator in the game.[1]
  • Despite the lack of a "Level S" button on the pads, Physical Alice is able to send the elevator down to that level at the end of Chapter 3.
  • Level S is the lowest level of the elevator, as right before crash-landing the elevator is shown traveling down its shaft at a ridiculously fast speed.
  • According to theMeatly on a "Behind the Scenes" video about Chapter 3, the elevator would often glitch during development, trapping the player inside or outside. Due to that, it was the most difficult moment during development.[2]
  • After closing the gates and then pressing one of any level buttons, there is an error when the sound of the gate closing occurs right before the elevator takes Henry to one of the choosing locations.
  • Prior to update patch 1.3.1, there is a bug to cause one of three Butcher Gang enemies to clip from the elevator and fall after bringing them to the elevator and activating it.
  • In Chapter 4, the elevator's level buttons are absent as a development oversight.




Description Audio
The ambiance for the transition to the mechwalls to the elevator.
SFX CH3 mechhallwaytolift
The sound produced when the lift is arriving.
SFX Lift Arrive
The elevavtor's ding produced when stopping.
SFX Lift Ding
The sound produced when the elevator is departing.
SFX Lift Depart
The sound produced when the elevator's door is opening.
SFX CH3 elevatordooropen
The sound produced when the elevator's door is closing.
SFX CH3 elevatordoorclose
The looped sound of the elevator moving.
SFX Lift Loop
The looped end sound for the elevator.
SFX CH3 Lift End Loop
The looped sound of the elevator falling.
SFX CH3 elevatorfallingloop



  1. "These blasted elevators... sometimes they open... sometimes they don't... sometimes they come... sometimes they keep on going to Hell and back." - Thomas Connor, Chapter 3
  2. "7 BEHIND THE SCENES about "Bendy: Chapter Three!"" - 2:50
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