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The Electric Baton is a piece of tool-like equipment created by the Gent company and will be used for the upcoming game Bendy and the Dark Revival. Based on the trailer, it appears to serve double-duty as a tool and weapon.


The tool is a modified Gent Pipe with an added battery pack, antennae, and some additional pipes. Sparks have been seen flying off of it.


The baton is used for activating lock panels to unlock certain doors and attacking, specifically stabling/electrocuting enemies.


Bendy and the Dark Revival

It is possible that the Electric Baton is Audrey's signature weapon like Henry Stein & Axe.


  • The electric baton is likely based on the stun baton.
  • The electric baton, from what has been seen of it, would not work in real life due to no connection between the battery pack, and the antennae.
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