This article is about the cartoon character. For his enemy counterpart, see Striker.

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Edgar is a cartoon character and a member of the Butcher Gang from the Bendy cartoons by Joey Drew Studios.

General Description

Physical Appearance

Edgar is a spider-like creature with large lips, small ears, and a pair of pointed fangs. Unlike actual arachnids in reality, he sports only six legs instead of eight. Despite being quadrupedal, he mostly uses his two front feet as hands.


Unlike the other members of the Butcher Gang group, this squeaky spider is cheery, childish, and playful in character who almost never has any desire to commit anything wrong or being antagonistic towards Bendy except on few occasions, such as in the small "Demonic Tonic" clip where he briefly grins obnoxiously at Bendy, and during his outburst of sorts in "The Butcher Gang".

Cartoon Appearances


Bendy and the Ink Machine

While Edgar himself never really appeared other than his cameo series in posters and cartoon clips, Striker is a bizarre combination with Edgar's body along with Barley's head (with mutilation bearing some resemblance to Edgar's) with Edgar's maimed head switching to Barley's body as Fisher.

Bendy and the Dark Revival

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  • Edgar's design may have strong similarities with the antagonistic spider character in Betty Boop's "Mother Goose Land" cartoon, as they are both spider-based characters having similar looks, even pie eyes, large lips possessing fangs, round-shaped bodies, and often walk in a quadrupedal manner. Although while both got six limbs, the spider antagonist wear gloves on each end and has a nose while Edgar instead wear shoes along with lacking a nose.
  • Edgar is the only Butcher Gang character to not have a name ending in "ley"
    • Edgar also seems to highly resemble some of the spiders from the Mickey Mouse short "Mickey's Garden", such as this one.
  • Edgar making squeaky noises in cartoons is an idea given by Kindly Beast's former sound designer Connor Grail.[1]


  1. "The animation for the latest #Bendy Cartoon was done by @timethehobo and the audio was done by @ConnorGrail. Connor was the one who came up with the idea for Edgar squeaking, and I LOVE IT!" - Mike Mood. February 10, 2019. Twitter.
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