Easter Eggs are various secrets appearing in every chapter of Bendy and the Ink Machine.

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In Chapter 1, theMeatly can be found inside the room behind Boris' "Sheep Songs!" poster from Boris' room. theMeatly's room can be only accessible after completing the puzzle to turn the Ink Machine on.

Using the Seeing Tool reveals the words, Devilishly Handsome! on the wall behind him.

In Chapter 2, his room is only accessible after the ink pump from Sammy's office is turned on. It is accessed from the Music Writing Room.

In Chapter 3, on Level P in the farthest glassed room to the back contains a Boris poster in the back of the room. Completing all of Physical Alice's task will grant the access to walk through to the theMeatly's room.

Using the Seeing Tool reveals the words, One Lump or Two? on the wall behind him

In Chapter 4, in the archives entrance, after opening the archives, one can open the door across from the management office. In there is a Boris poster which, of course, has theMeatly's room behind it.

Using the Seeing Tool reveals the words, Beefy on the wall behind him.

In Chapter 5, in the film vault, after opening the film vault, enter then leave the vault and go back to Joey's office. When facing the office's door, turn left and you'll be able to see a vent with a Boris poster which, of course, has theMeatly's room behind it.

Ink Machine

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The Ink Machine in Chapter 4

While the Ink Machine has it's main appearance in Chapter 1, it reappears as an easter-egg in every other chapter, where it's seen for a split second being lowered on chains into darkness.

In Chapter 2 it is seen behind the bars on the right from the hallway between the Ritual Room and the Ink Pool.

In Chapter 3 it can be seen behind the bars on the right from the Trailer Room.

In Chapter 4 it will appear in distance in Spiral Stairway after encountering the flashing hallucination of hands coming from the walls.

"Wandering" Bendy

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From all chapters, if the player teleport's or glitches into an inaccessible area, there's a chance to find a creepy-looking Bendy cutout on the wall with a pentagram in the background and holding a note with "WANDERING IS A TERRIBLE SIN" written on it.

Youtuber Tunes

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The music radio inside the small office in Chapter 1

From Chapter 1, inside the small office while looking for six items to fix the Ink Machine, there is a radio that plays an instrumental and shortened version of Kyle Allen's Bendy and the Ink Machine Song. Using the Seeing Tool will reveal the words, "Listening and Always Watching" on the wall above the radio, which is a reference to one of the lyrics of the song.


From Chapter 2, in Sammy's office, there is a radio that plays an instrumental and shortened version of DAGame's Build Our Machine song. Using the Seeing Tool will reveal the words, "Creator You Traitor" on the floor, which is a clear reference to the said song.


From Chapter 3, near the loads of stacked instruments, there is a radio which plays the song Bendy and the Ink Musical by Random Encounters and MatPat. Using the Seeing Tool reveal the words, "How Could One Resist This?" on the wall behind as a reference to the song itself.


From Chapter 4, choosing the radio symbol at the ink forming machine, it will spit out a radio which plays the rap "Can't Be Erased" by JT Music.


From Chapter 5, in the first box to your left, there is a radio which plays the song, Alice Angel's Song (Lonely Angel/I'll Be Your Angel) by Lauren Synger.




A picture of Bendy holding the umbrella from Chapter 2

In Chapter 2, three of the winning pieces of fan art from the fan art contest due to Chapter 1's success are strewn around the whole second chapter. There's a Bendy under an umbrella as seen by the entrance to the recording studio. In the cross way for the recording studio there's a poster of Bendy from "Train Troubles". On one of the desks in an office there's a piece of art depicting Bendy's emotions.

In Chapter 3, several posters made by the Chapter 2 fanart contest winners are seen scattered around the whole third chapter. A Bacon Soup advertisement can be also found in several areas.

In Chapter 4, posters can be seen in Research and Design area.

Chapter 1: Moving Pictures

Bendy Jump-scare

After starting the task to collect the items, the door next to Wally Franks' audio log can be interacted with. Attempting to open it will result in Bendy's cutout jump-scaring Henry.

Pose changing Bendy

In the Art Department, there are drawings of Bendy by TimetheHobo. If one turns their back to said drawings and quickly looks back, they will be in a different pose.

A Musical Throwback

In the Theater, the music where Henry goes to turn on the ink flow, is a callback to Mickey Mouse’s Steamboat Willie and to the music in the Chapter 2's trailer. Then, it was used in the Ink Pool, while Henry is standing next to the door.

Sketchy view

Upon completing the game after discovering the Scythe and using it on a Sammy Searcher in Chapter 5, by replaying the chapter, the blocked stairway in the Pub Room will be unlocked, leading down towards the entrance to the Inky Tunnel seen when dying in-game, the tunnel can be accessed and walking through it causes Henry to respawn at the beginning of the chapter, but with more
Screenshot (119)
"sketchy" and grey-ish view.

After respawning the tunnel will be blocked again.

Chapter 2: The Old Song

Sammy's New Jump-scare

Go to the first place where Sammy encounters you. While standing next to the wall and the Bendy cutout, Henry can hear the sound of Sammy talking within the wall itself, saying:

"In the morning, you may awake or in the morning, you will be dead!"
Sammy's voice.

Reappearing Bendy

If Henry breaks one of the Bendy cutouts laying around on a pentagram and turns away, then back again, they'll reappear undamaged. This is most likely for paranormal reasons.

Bendy Band

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Up to 9 Bendy cutouts can appear sitting or peeking in from the recording studio. Doing so grants the player an achievement.

The Organ

In the first room to the right in the entrance of the hallway there's a pipe organ. If Henry play the keys on the organ, he can hear a faint moaning sound afterwards. After doing this 5 times, Henry will hear different moans and this grants the player an achievement.

Sammy in the sewers

After unlocking the entrance to the Flooded Sewers, before entering it, one should look behind the bars opposite to the entrance. There's a shadow of Sammy Lawrence standing behind the bars. After retrieving the second valve and leaving the Sewers, the shadow is gone.

Miner Searcher

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After rotating the second valve, a sound of searcher spawning can be heard, heading back to the Pentagram Room at the very beginning of the chapter will reveal that a Searcher with a miner hat appeared from a symbol.

Flashing screen

Upon encountering the mentioned above Miner Searcher, one should not kill it and instead lead it to a Flooded Sewers to a room where Swollen Jack was killed and crush the Miner Searcher with a wooden container. This will cause a flashing hallucination just like those in Chapter 4 to occur. Additionally, the searcher will drop it's hat.

Whistling and Ink Machine sounds

From the ink-flooded area where Ink Bendy is about to pop out upon approach, Henry needs to walk backwards to prevent Ink Bendy's jumpscare from occurring. While standing next to the door, Henry can hear the sound of the Ink Machine running while if Henry idles for around 40 seconds, the whistling (as heard from Chapter 2 and Chapter 5's trailer) starts playing.

SFX InkMachineMotorAndWhistle


By using the Seeing Tool, Henry can find the coffins of Grant, Lacie, Bertrum, and Norman.

Chapter 3: Rise and Fall


The Gramophone located in the Safe House can be turned on and off by using it. Turning it off will slow down Boris's animation.

Boris with a bone

At the beginning of the chapter, after opening the Safe House door, Henry should head back to the bedroom where the chapter started, find a Bone, pick it up, then head back to Boris to give it to him. He will hold in his mouth for the rest of the chapter. This will also unlock an Achievement.



The broken headphones from the crate.

On Level 14 from Chapter 3, it is possible to find a broken pair of headphones on the other wooden crate next to the one with Norman Polk's audio log. This is a reference to the Youtuber TZKUnit, after he discovered a glitch in the game.

Sammy's Voice

In Chapter 3, go to the hallway close to Level 11 where the music radio and numerous instruments are at. Then click on the instruments in a specific order:

  • Bass fiddle
  • Drum
  • Violin
  • Piano
  • Drum

Doing this in correct order will cause Sammy to speak out of nowhere, saying:

"We've all been waiting. But now... he will set... us... free..."
Sammy's voice.

DIA CH3 SAMMY setusfree

Beta Ink Machine

There's a second Ink Machine present behind the boards in the Stairways 2. Unlike the main Ink Machine, this one uses it's old, smaller model from before the Chapter 4 update.

Second Axe

There's a second axe in the Chapter, which is present in a Blocked Room. The boards blocking the room can be destroyed with an axe given by Physical Alice. The axe can later replace the Gent Pipe when fighting with the Butcher Gang or can be used to start the Lever Challenge.

Lever Challenge

The Lever Challenge is a bonus task where Henry can fight with three, large waves of enemies.

To start this task, first, set the Ink Toy to Boris and then continue the chapter until you reach the task of destroying Bendy Cutouts. Then, use the axe to unlock the Blocked Room. After this, proceed to the final task for collecting ink hearts on Level 14, but before doing this, Henry must take the second axe from the now unlocked Blocked Room and head to the Toy Machine Room. In a room, find a board blocking a wall and destroy them with the axe. Doing so will reveal three handle switches. Pulling one of each in order will start some enemy fight challenges at the Heavenly Toys room -

  1. The first switch results in pack of slightly stronger variants of Searchers to spawn.
  2. The second switch results in multiple clones of three Butcher Gang enemies to spawn.
  3. The third and final switch results in giant version of the normal Searcher with a hat. to spawn.

Upon killing the Giant Searcher, the room will shake and Henry will be allowed to proceed through the chapter. There's no reward for completing the challenge.

Susie's Coffin

By using the Seeing Tool in the Flooded Morgue, the coffin of Susie Campbell can be found.

Top of the Morning

Using the Seeing Tool on Shawn's audio cast, reveal the words, Top of the Morning, this is a reference to Jack's catchphrase at the beginning of all of his videos.

Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders

Brute Boris with a bone

When the player gives Boris a bone at the beginning of Chapter 3 and progress to the encounter with Brute Boris at the end of Chapter 4, the player will notice that Brute Boris still has the bone in his mouth.

Sammy's mask

In the Pillar Room, there's a Bendy mask lying on the ground behind the pipe under the Bacon Soup. The mask looks very similar to the one used by Sammy Lawrence, but lacks a mouth hole.


In Research and Design, there are three cavities in the wall. Two of them contain Alice Angel's heads while the last one is empty and has "I.O.U." (I Owe You) written on the wall.

Soup can supplies

After turning on the second switch next to the Haunted House, head back to Research and Design to the room with Bendy Animatronic, on the shelf there should be a large supplies of bacon soup cans which unlike the normal cans can be taken out of the room. They can also be used as a weapon since they can kill The Butcher Gang, The Projectionist and even Bertrum and Brute Boris.

"Wild ride"

During the boss fight with Bertrum, attempt to interact with ride's carts once Bertrum lays them on the ground. Doing so should end up with Henry entering the cart and riding Bertrum. This will unlock an Achievement.

Photo booth

After escaping The Projectionist in the Maintenance, head to a cardboard cutout with a hole in the face, look through the other side, aim at the camera and interact with it. This should result in the camera taking a photo of Henry, and unlocks an Achievement.


After seeing the battle between Ink Bendy and The Projectionist, head back to the Maintenance to where the last lever was located. On the left, there's an box that can be opened containing a wheel for the Ink Maker with an option to print a plunger. Pick it up and progress through the chapter. During the final battle with Brute Boris, the player might notice that the Ink printer has an option to print a plunger, which can be used as a weapon. Defeating Brute Boris with it will unlock an Achievement.

Hallucinations in CH4

After discovering secret soup can supplies and progressing with them through the chapter up to the final battle with Brute Boris, killing him with a can will trigger a short flashing hallucination, just like the one when crushing the Miner Searcher.

Companion Cube

Just after riding the lift across the cavern, use the seeing tool on one of the boxes and it will reveal a heart. This is a reference to Companion Cubes from the Portal series.

Chapter 5: The Last Reel

Tom with a bone

If Henry gives Boris a bone back in Chapter 3 and proceed to Chapter 5 hovering over Tom with Seeing Tool will reveal glowing bone in his mouth.

Bookpast's Fish

In the fish tank behind the bed, there is a fish that represents Bookpast himself.

Administration Board

The board in the administration area has a few Easter eggs.

  • Bertrum, Susie, Thomas and Sammy's names can be seen.
  • "That weird puppet guy" is referring to theMeatly.
  • Hayden - UAC references Samuel Hayden, who is associated with the Union Aerospace Corporation in Doom 2016.
  • F. Fontaine is a reference to Frank Fontaine from Bioshock.
  • Charles and his prodigies is a reference to the YouTuber ProdCharles.


A character exclusive from the spin off game Bendy in Nightmare Run appears as a Mini Statue in a rock in the right of the Giant Ink Machine Entrance, completely covered in ink.


A secret, powerful weapon hidden in Chapter 5 which can be used to kill Sammy Searcher. To obtain the scythe, a set of specific steps must be done across all five chapters:

  • Start the game from the very first chapter and proceed through all the chapters without dying even once!
  • In Chapter 2 activate horror visions by crushing Miner Searcher.
  • In Chapter 3 defeat Searcher Boss.
  • In Chapter 4 defeat Brute Boris with an Empty Bacon Soup can.
  • In Chapter 5 provoke all three Butcher Gang members before the first usage of Ink Maker and then proceed to use it, as Ink Bendy appears lead Butcher Gang close to his ink-web, which should result in their death.
  • Proceed to drain the Film Vault entrance.
  • Instead of entering the vault, head back to the Administration and look for the scythe in a corridor with a damaged wall.

Sammy Searcher

Another, special variant of the Searchers can be encountered after unlocking the Scythe, after obtaining it head to the Joey Drew's Office, upon entering, a Sammy Searcher should spawn.

Sammy Searcher will die after the very first hit from a scythe, however, the scythe will break after the hit.

The Projectionist's Scream

On the entrance of the Giant Ink Machine, there's a heart on the left side of the stairs beside a barrel, when interacting the heart, it's possible to hear The Projectionist's scream when he is hit or when he spots Henry.

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