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The Disc is a wheel-like object used for the Ink Maker.


The selection disc is a sepia yellow wheel with a thick black border. They each have four icons that correspond each to an item; a gear, a bone, a mug, a music radio a Gent pipe, and a plunger. The icons are separated by wheel-spoke-like lines coming out of the disc's center. Multiple discs exist, and they each have different items, although there is only one Henry can obtain. It has the gear, mug, bone, and plunger icons.

Usage and Locations

Bendy and the Ink Machine

This selection disc is only found in Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders. It is located on the second floor of the Maintenance area, found inside the trunk. The trunk cannot be opened until Henry witnesses the fight between Ink Bendy and the Projectionist. Once that is over, he can go back up to the Maintenance room's second floor to open the trunk for the selection disc.

The disc can be used in the Ink Maker in the Ballroom by switching it out with the one already inserted. If Henry creates the plunger, he can use it to fight against Brute Boris towards the chapter's end, in order to unlock the "Unlikely Victory" achievement.


  • An oversight shows that there is no audio playing when obtaining the selection disc.
  • There is an ink maker without a disc, next to the Bendy Animatronic from the Research and Design location. With the disc from the Maintenance area, however, the item can not be necessarily inserted into this machine.


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