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"On the plus side, I got a new character I think people are going to love."
- Henry Stein
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This article is about the fictional character. For a real-life person, see Daniel Tozer.

"I guess I should begin at the beginning. And go on. Until the end."
Daniel Lewek narrating his prologue, Dreams Come to Life

Daniel "Buddy" Lewek was a volunteered worker of Joey Drew Studios and the main protagonist who narrates his own past life in the novel Dreams Come to Life. A Jewish teenager from the Lower East Side of New York, he dropped out of school because of his decision of working as a delivery boy to help support his widowed mother. He dreams to become an artist and is invited to the animation studio by Joey Drew in Summer 1946 to see the great wonders of the studio until witnessing something wrong one night.

General Description

Physical Appearance

He is described as being tall, which is how he got the nickname 'buddy'. He also comments on his big feet and ears.


He is described as being a helper, he's also stated to be scared easily when He first meets his granddad he was terrified by hiding under his sheets and crying out for his mom.


Early Life

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Dreams Come to Life

Volunteered at the Studio

While Buddy was making a delivery for Joey Drew, who had been sent to Joey's animation studio by the former's tyrannical boss, Mr. Schwartz. Norman seemingly escorts Buddy to Joey's office, only to back out, partway through, due to Buddy's lack of familiarity with the studio's layout. Upon reaching the outside of Joey's office, Buddy collapsed from heat exhaustion. Joey, having overheard this, exits his office to find out what was going on. After finding Buddy lying on the wooden floor, Buddy announced his business, to which Joey brought him inside his office, unsure of who he is. After finding out about his suit delivery, he excitedly takes the suit from Buddy, and commends him on the suit's design, even taking it with a stride that Buddy's mother tailored the suit. After finding out about Buddy's experience with drawing, Joey presents Buddy with a drawing of Bendy, and upon hearing Buddy's description of Bendy's personality, Joey reveals that very few have responded the same way, with many stating that he is just a cartoon, before offering Buddy a job at his studio as a gofer, to which Buddy accepts. After Joey formally introduces himself, he does the same for Bendy but is surprised to find that Buddy had never heard of him. Joey offered to tour him around the studio, only to run into Thomas Connor outside his office, which meant he was not able to tour Buddy around the studio after all. However, he then offers Buddy a place in his animation studio to compensate, which Buddy accepts.

Buddy's first-ever drawing was a picture of Bendy riding on a horse, although he was having a difficult time trying to make the horse character's shape look right. Thankfully, his grandfather helped him by drawing a perfect horse for him. Furthermore, Dot wrote the script for the cartoon's plot. However, Abby Lambert suddenly brings Buddy to Joey, since he was "stealing" supplies for his own use. Instead of getting angry, Joey takes this with stride, realizing that Buddy had reasons for doing this, seeing it as ambition. He then encourages Buddy to keep working on Cowboy Bendy, which is what Buddy was working on.

A Meal with Drew

Later on, Buddy runs into Joey Drew, who presents Buddy with his first paycheck, before taking Buddy to Sardi's to "celebrate". During their meal, Joey bonds with Buddy, even saying to talk to him if Buddy feels that Abby is overwhelming him. He goes on about dreaming and how he wants people to dream big. He then extends an invitation to Buddy to come to a company party that Joey is organizing, to which Buddy accepts. However, he has Buddy pay for the meal itself, pointing out that Buddy should not be pointlessly spending money.

Unger Meets Drew

When Buddy's grandfather enters the studio unannounced, he explores the entrance, despite Buddy's objections when Wally Franks is pulling Mr. Unger by the elbow, seeing him as a threat. Buddy steps in and snarkily reassures Wally that he is not a threat. In response, Wally shrugs and walks away, replying "You never know..."

Having overheard this, Joey then steps in. Despite introducing himself to Mr. Unger, and commenting on Buddy's proficiency with drawing, he then makes it clear that he should not be entering the studio unless he had a reason to, which has clearly not the case with Mr. Unger, before having Buddy take Mr. Unger home. Later on, he drives Buddy to Joey's preferred tailor shop to have Buddy fitted for a tuxedo, due to the formal nature of the then-upcoming company party. After Buddy receives his finished suit, Joey drives Buddy home to the Lower East Side, and is even pleased to hear Buddy's friends and neighbors, as well as the local business owners commenting on Buddy wearing a suit and going around with Joey Drew, who encourages Buddy to "not keep his fans waiting".

Meeting Sammy

When Buddy Lewek is attempting to make conversation with a violinist, Sammy Lawrence appears with a supposedly hideous appearance, covered head to toe in ink as the result of an ink spill that he was caught in. Buddy, believing Sammy to be eccentric, questions his mood, to which Sammy belittles Buddy. After Buddy introduces himself, Sammy tells Buddy why he is covered head to toe in ink and drags him to where it happened, and then furiously orders him to clean up the mess until Dot takes him to the lowest level where the rest of the female workers work.

The Ink

Later on, Buddy overhears a heated argument between Sammy and Thomas Connor, concerning the former's habit of stealing ink bottles. In the thirteenth chapter, he storms into the Art department in hopes of searching for ink but leaves when Abby Lambert points out that the ink was not kept in their supply closet at all, but in a hidden safe embedded within Lambert's desk.

Truth Behind the Studio

Whilst Buddy and Dot were exploring the studio, Norman suddenly appears and reveals how the studio was founded, what happened to Henry Stein and why he left Joey Drew Studios and mentions that Allison Pendle was not the first voice of Alice Angel, but rather Susie Campbell. He reveals that Joey only hires those with talent; Buddy's acceptance of Joey's offer may have put him in danger and cautions both him and Dot to be careful.

The Party

When Buddy arrives at Joey's company party, Joey greets the former and introduces Buddy to Bertrum Piedmont, who comments about the usefulness of gofers such as Buddy. When Thomas enters Joey Drew's company party with Allison Pendle unannounced, Joey makes it clear that they were not invited; sensing danger, Buddy exits the party and asks Thomas what was going on, to which Allison and Thomas reveal the truth behind the Ink Machine and why they both were fired. Buddy then attempts to ask Allison who Susie Campbell was, only for her to dismiss the question, stating that it was "not the point".

Facing the Corrupted Sammy

After Joey Drew's company party, Buddy is startled to learn that his coworkers, Jacob, Richie, and Dot had ventured into Joey Drew Studios. Sensing danger, Buddy returns to the studio to find out what was going on, but is suddenly caught off-guard by an insane Sammy, who had not disappeared at all; rather, he had remained in hiding the entire time. As Buddy finds himself restrained and sitting in a chair near where Richie was right in front of him, a completely transformed Sammy emerges before them and reveals that the reason why he transformed into what he is now was due to an unhealthy addiction to the ink, following a workplace accident in which a drop of ink landed in his mouth. Despite Buddy's objections, Sammy planned on offering Buddy, Richie, and Dot as sacrifices to an unknown entity. Jacob and Dave had already been taken away before Buddy woke up. When Buddy demanded to know where Jacob was, Sammy dismissed Buddy's questions and proceeded to begin his "ritual". However, Dot managed to escape to the projection booth, where she dropped a projector on Sammy's head, knocking him out.

Death and Transformation

After Buddy was ripped in half by Beast Bendy and drowned him in the ink along with him, being revived as Buddy Boris, Joey reveals what happened to Buddy and even tells him to accept his new self and not to talk or make sense of it as it would only frustrate him, even though he was already frustrated to begin with. As Buddy starts to lose the ability to speak, Joey attempts to entice Buddy into accompanying him to an undisclosed location, supposedly containing an abundant amount of food. Despite Boris the Wolf's personality beginning to take control, Buddy was able to resist this for one final act: crushing Joey's hand, throwing him to the floor and running deep into the studio to Level K. As a result, he ends up in The Cycle, with his final thoughts being that of him going deeper into the loop.

Boris and the Dark Survival

Daniel Lewek (Buddy) As Boris The Wolf

Buddy (Daniel) is the main protagonist and the main playable character, now as Buddy Boris, as he needs to find and gathering supplies from each level as days go by. At the same time, he has to avoid Ink Bendy and other ink creatures that can pursue and kill him. Once all seven scrap pages are found, it shows a collage that gives him a brief glimpse of his former self, before Boris the Wolf fully suppresses Buddy's old self, erasing what remained of Daniel Lewek for good.

Bendy and the Ink Machine

Main article: Buddy Boris

Trapped in the Cycle, Buddy meets Henry and they both team up to explore around the levels together. That was until Twisted Alice abducts Buddy for his innards after the elevator crash and later turned him into an unmerciful monster.


  • Buddy's surname, Lewek, means "left-handed" and is a nickname of the Polish/Jewish name Lewicki.
  • Buddy is currently the youngest person to have been reincarnated as a cartoon character in the Cycle.
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