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"Hi ho, Bubbles! Away! We have to find that Dancing Tree!"
Bendy, Papa Pluto's Pitchfork

The Dancing Tree is an antagonist who only appears in the Dime Store comic series.

General Description

Physical Appearance

He is a bushy-leafed tree with bushes for hands and two root tendrils as legs. He bear sharp teeth when the pitchfork's magic corrupts.


Like the other wishes, the Dancing Tree starts off peaceful and fun. His true demeanor, however, is devious and cruel. He is also naive and trusting, which proved to be his downfall.


Initially made by Bendy to impress Boris, the Dancing Tree turns on his creator; stealing Papa Pluto's pitchfork and running away with it. He then uses against Bendy and his friends as they try to receive it from him. Alice manages to defeat the Dancing Tree by convincing him to give her the pitchfork as she invites him to dance with her. He reverts to a normal tree after Alice snaps the pitchfork over her knee.


  • The Dancing Tree's design is somewhat similar to the actual tree characters from Silly Symphony's 1932 short Trees and Flowers.
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