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"You keep working on Cowboy Bendy. It better be worth all this."
Abby Lambert, Dreams Come to Life, page 112

Cowboy Bendy is a working title used to refer to a Bendy cartoon that Daniel Lewek came up with, based on a screenplay written by Dot,[1] when starting his volunteer career at Joey Drew Studios in August of 1946.

In the Dreams Come to Life novel, while it is not clear how far the production went, Buddy Lewek first drew a picture of Bendy riding on a horse although was having a difficult time trying to make the horse character's shape look right,[2] so his grandfather helped him by drawing a perfect horse for him. After the events of the novel where Buddy ends up in the Cycle as Buddy Boris, the fate of this cartoon is undisclosed; either the cartoon is completely made for its release or ended up being cancelled, although the former is more likely, as there was a promotional comic entitled "Giddyup, Bendy!" which is subtly implied to be the title of the cartoon.


The whole script for the cartoon is never revealed. Based on the title, the cartoon would have a western-style setting.


  1. "I hadn't wanted to admit any of it to her, but she'd heard about my almost-firing and had demanded we go to the pub together again so she could pass me her Cowboy Bendy script and hear the whole story." - Dreams Come to Life, page 112
  2. "That wasn't easy either. Somehow the body was looking stubby and thick, like a donkey or an overweight dog. The legs were too wide too. And the head. I didn't even want to think about what a head like that on a real horse would actually look like." - Dreams Come to Life, page 91

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