This article is about the cartoon character. For his enemy counterpart, see Piper.

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Charley is a cartoon character from the Bendy cartoons by Joey Drew Studios and the leader of the Butcher Gang.

General Description

Physical Appearance

Charley, the tallest of the gang,[1] is a nearly bald humanoid whose own species currently unidentified with only few wider, triangular-shaped teeth. He has large ears, oval-shaped head, a black animalistic nose, hair-like sideburns, and a beard with resemblance to Bendy's horns. He wears a tailcoat and vest, a black tie, white gloves, and black shoes.


The leader of the Butcher Gang, Charley is devious, impatient, and hot-tempered. He is morally ambiguous as well as unscrupulous when carrying out his schemes, seen when stealing coins from the cash register in the "Tasty Trio Troubles" cartoon.

Cartoon Appearances

  • The Butcher Gang (1935) - Charley's first appearance along with Barley and Edgar.
  • Tasty Trio Troubles (1935) - As one of the main character. At the restaurant, he's in charge as a cashier.
  • Demonic Tonic (year unknown) - With his other members, Charley shrunk and trapped Bendy in a bottle.


Bendy and the Ink Machine

There is a horrifically disfigured enemy counterpart named Piper while his original self only appeared in posters and cartoon clips as cameo.

Bendy and the Dark Revival

In the upcoming first chapter, Charley's cutout can be found.


  • Charley is theMeatly's favorite character of the Butcher Gang group.[2]
  • The design for Charley is very similar to the Fleischer cartoon character Grampy because of a similar-looking clothing along with the vest, oval-shaped head with little-to-no hair, pie eyes, and a black nose.
  • Due to his confusedly unconfirmed species, Charley was thought to be a chimpanzee judging by the large ears and a black nose similar to the distinctive features of rubberhose monkey characters in vintage cartoon media like Fleischer. The animator TimetheHobo deconfirms this.[3]


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