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Chapter 5: The Last Reel, also known as Chapter Five or Chapter 5 for short, abbreviated as CH5, is the fifth and final chapter of Bendy and the Ink Machine, starting its production on June 5, 2018.

The chapter was released on October 26, 2018, originally planned to release on October 12, 2018. The reveal trailer premiered on August 31, 2018.


Henry reaches the end of his journey. Having gained and lost allies along with enemies, the end of the Ink Demon finally reveals itself. But... is this truly The End?


The chapter starts with Henry waking up in a bed at Tom and Allison's hideout. Henry comments on the song Allison is singing, claiming he recognizes it. Eventually, Allison gives Henry a piece of glass known as the seeing tool that reveals hidden messages throughout the world when Henry looks through it. During a conversation between Tom and Allison, Allison explains that Ink Bendy has found the hideout and that they need to escape. Allison and Tom escape and leave Henry behind.

Henry escapes the hideout through a secret passage shown to him by messages on the walls shown to him through the seeing tool and makes his way to a barge. As Henry sails through a river of ink he must escape from a Giant Bendy Hand to survive. At the end of the river, Henry finds himself at the Lost Harbor, a seemingly empty village. He is then attacked by the now-insane Sammy and eventually saved by Tom and Allison. After Sammy is gone the trio are attacked by Searchers, Lost Ones, and Miner Searchers.

After the fight is over, Allison asks Henry to lead the way. In the next room, Henry falls down a hole when a wooden board breaks beneath him. He then finds himself in the Appointment Lobby needing to collect pipes to drain a hallway that leads to the Film Vault. To do this, Henry will have to go to the Administration Maze and will have to avoid the Piper, Striker, and Fisher enemies and collect Ink Blobs to place into an Ink Maker. When Henry reaches the Film Vault he finds an empty box that Henry claims to have been important to Bendy's end. Allison and Tom eventually meet Henry in the Film Vault and explains to them that they must to get inside Ink Bendy's lair. There's a locked door leading to the lair that Tom punches open.

They reach the Giant Ink Machine Entrance with a machine across a river of ink. Henry must swim across alone as Allison explains they can not step into the ink. Henry has no choice but to leave Allison and Tom behind. Henry reaches the Throne Room and finds a reel tape named "The End". Then Henry finally battles Ink Bendy who transforms into Beast Bendy. Henry has to switch levers to open doors. Henry then has to make Beast Bendy charge at him to break ink pipes. After that, Henry places the reel in a projector which flashes colors, the same in Henry's previous visions, which finally destroys Beast Bendy.

The chapter ends with Henry arriving in Joey Drew's apartment. Joey small talks with Henry and then tells him to visit the old workshop. Henry turns to a door on his right and the surroundings change back to the beginning scene in Chapter 1.

After the credits, which are done in a comic book style, a cut-scene take place at Joey's apartment. The camera is slowly zooming to an old drawing, picturing Bendy, Boris, and Alice holding hands. It is signed by Henry as a souvenir of his friendship with Joey, the signature by the same way is revealing Henry's last name: Stein. Then a feminine childish voice says:

"Tell me another one, Uncle Joey."

This then finishes the game.


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'Escape Your Prison"

Once you gain control of Henry, immediately turn around and click on the spoon hanging behind you (Hint toward this being seen with the Seeing-Eye Tool) to reveal a secret bathroom. Removing the top of the toilet tank reveals a Gent Pipe, which you then use to hit the planks blocking your exit, Thus freeing you from your cell.

"Launch the Barge"

After walking through a hallway with a few searchers, you reach a room with a Barge in it, Watching Allison and Tom ride away on another gives you your new objective. Just pull the lever to the left of the Barge to lower it partway down the ramp, and then pull it again to put it in the river. Jump in, and hold down the switch inside the Barge to proceed forward.

"Unclog the Paddlewheel"

Once you ride the inky sea for about half a minute you come to a clearing where you suddenly stop and receive the objective listed above, after a cinematic cut-scene which unveils the character most unlikely to kill you, the Giant Hand. Unclog your wheel by whacking it with your pipe and proceed before the Hand catches you. repeat the process six or seven times to get to the Lost Harbor.

"Drain the Passage"

After going up to the door of the Harbor and killing Sammy, killing tons of murderous Searchers and Lost Ones, and falling to your doom, you reach the small collection of rooms between the Administration Offices and the Film Vault. Upon seeing the clogged up hallway to the Vault, you get your newest objective, enter a door in the main room of the bride way, and unlock the door to the Offices, you get to see Piper, with the other two pieces of the trifecta lurking nearby. As you begin your stealth mission, (Since your weapon broke during the fall) you encounter numerous rooms holding items such as Miracle Stations, Recordings, and vents and cracks in the walls to spy on the guards. Wander around for a bit until you reach Joey's Office, the left of which is some Extra-Thick Ink, take it and return to the main room, which houses an Ink-Maker. Put your ink in and turn the dial to anything but the intersection pipe, as it is the only useless one. Take your creation and put it on the wall of pipes in the room which has the Vault entrance. Repeat twice more with the other two pipes you need and you have successfully drained the passage

"Search the Vault"

After traversing the passage you come to a Vault, enter and click on the only unopened box to receive another cut-scene, where Allison and Tom appear and open the way forward.

'Enter the Machine'

After the cut-scene plays out and you traverse a passage way with a small appearance from Bendy, you reach the final area of the game, the Giant Ink Machine, upon witnessing you are attacked by another cut-scene, in which Allison tells you that the way forward cannot be taken by her and Tom, and that you must go forth alone. After this the final objective appears in the corner. Which is done right after you get it, cross an inky swamp and just go in.


Now you come to the B.B.B.B. (Beast Bendy Boss Battle) Walk through a hall and pull a lever to open the door to Bendy's throne room, and select the tape, after a small cut-scene, Bendy appears behind the throne and transforms into Beast Bendy. Once he smacks you through a wall you find yourself in a maze while Beast Bendy runs rampant throughout. Navigate the maze and find the three or four levers inside, and walk through a hallway to the Ink Tube Room. Turn the wheel to pump Ink through the tubes. while Bendy walks through a wall to your location. make Bendy run into the four tubes, as he charges at you occasionally. Head back to the Throne room and place the Last Reel you got at the end of the last cut-scene on the pillar next to it. Witness as Bendy dissolves into mist, and be engulfed in light.

'Joey's Apartment'

Once all of this is done, you get to Joey's Apartment. After exploring to find some secrets, walk into the kitchen for the last cut-scene of the game. Once it is over, the credits role, and you beat Bendy and the Ink Machine.


  • Before the chapter's release, its official title was announced through the main menu's chapter selection screen. This can be seen here.
  • The name of the chapter references the reel that kills Beast Bendy.
  • Chapter 5 has been in production since Chapter 4 started its development as told by theMeatly in his E3 video.[1]
  • Chapter 5 was given for free for those who owned all the previous chapters when they were available as DLC.

A joke teaser parodying the one for Red Dead Redemption II.

  • The release date of Chapter 5 is shared with the game Red Dead Redemption II, this was joked by the developer who posted a parody teaser titled as Black Ink Possession.
  • Starting from October 1 to October 25, 2018, the game's Twitter account posted a letter once every day to spell out the message; "BENDY HOLDS CLOSE YOUR WAY OUT".


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