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The pre-release edition for Chapter 2 is the first release of the second chapter, released on April 18, 2017 along with Chapter 1's update.

Characters / Monsters


theMeatly is standing in the same pose as his appearance in Chapter 1 instead of holding a tuba.


The Searchers' model was completely different from their final design. Each hand possesses three fingers instead of five, with two longer ones closely resembling a tuning fork. Their arms seem to also be thinner than the new model. Their face also seems to be painted partly with grayish-white colors (yellowish-brown due to the game's lighting). They appear to be slightly shorter than Henry. Instead of crawling, they just move in a similar fashion to a slug's movement while swaying their arms. They collapse into pieces whenever they damaged Henry, or even simply running into obstacles or walls.

Pre-Update Final

Sammy Lawrence

Sammy's appearance is completely different from his final version. His body structure is slender and has more inhuman-looking skin texture. His overalls are fairly different, looking bigger and slightly looser. His shoes and the lower parts of his overalls are melted into ink, appearing to be made out of sticky glue while he walks. While his mask look identical, it has a duplicated texture from the back while the hole from the mask's mouth is bigger.

Pre-Update Final
Sammy Pose

Sammy's animation during his monologue is simply him standing idle unlike the final version which is more various and moving. He doesn't have any dustpan in his hand when he knocks out Henry.

Ink Bendy

Ink Bendy's beta model is similar to his final version but with less details, he also has a glove on his right hand. The horns of Ink Bendy do not move due to lack of modeling bones and he entirely lacks the ability to cause ink spreading on areas from his surroundings.

Pre-Update Final

Ink Bendy's chase segment was shortened in future updates.


There are 7 achievements to unlock. The "Old Problems" and the "A Special Hat" achievement were not added yet.

Name Image Description
The Believer
The Believer icon
Survive being chased by Bendy.
My Favorite Song
My Favorite Song icon
Solve the music puzzle.
Coast to Coast
Coast to Coast icon
Turn on the radio in Chapter Two.
Johnny's Broken Heart
Johnny's Broken Heart icon
Play the pipe organ 5 times.
Man Behind the Curtain
Visit theMeatly in Chapter Two.
Strike Up the Band
Strike Up The Band icon
Get all the Bendy's on stage.
Canadian Bacon
Canadian Bacon icon
Eat all the cans of Bacon Soup in Chapter Two.


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