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"C'mon Carmacks. These two will have to learn the hard way."
Alice to Carmacks, Yukon Bendy

Carmacks is Constable Alice's reindeer who appeared just once in one of the "Dime Store"-era Bendy comics.

General Description

Physical Appearance

Carmacks is basically a reindeer with large antlers and a shaggy neck mane.


Carmacks is speechless and thus nearly behaves just like a regular animal, but due to his occasional role, nothing much is known to refer about his main personality.


He only appeared in Yukon Bendy, where he was mostly seen with Alice riding on him. At the end, Carmacks is shown waving his hoof at the Sasquatch, who was happily waving back.


  • While the Yukon Bendy comic contain themes related to the Canadian culture, Carmacks is a name of the village from Yukon, Canada.
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