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"You've always been on the small side, Bubbles. A proper little devil should have a monster of a pet!"
Bendy to Bubbles, Papa Pluto's Pitchfork

Bubbles is Bendy's pet goldfish who appeared in one of the "Dime Store"-era Bendy comics.

General Description

Physical Appearance

Bubbles is a round goldfish with big lips and a pair of whiskers

When Bendy wishes for Bubbles to turn into a sea monster, he transforms into a long serpentine dragon with fin-like wings, an additional pair of whiskers, small horns, buck teeth, and a small dorsal fin.


Bubbles is a non-talking fish, and thus there is not much that can be said about his personality. What little of his personality is shown of it can be described as loyalty towards Bendy and frustration when the devil failed to learn his lesson about receiving gifts from Papa Pluto.


Bubbles' only appearance is in Papa Pluto's Pitchfork. After Bendy wishes for him to be a monster, he flies around the town causing mayhem. After the pitchfork's magic goes wrong, Bubbles goes back feeling exhausted, and after a while he follows Bendy to help him save Boris and Alice. Then, the trio is seen riding on Bubbles, going to get the pitchfork back from the Dancing Tree, and after Alice snaps it in half, Bubbles goes back to normal and Bendy catches him using his bowl.


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