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The bridge machine in Chapter 4.

The Bridge Machine is a rudimentary cable car used in Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders of Bendy and the Ink Machine.


The bridge machine has a very simple design in which there is a long rope with a cart hooked onto it. Connected to the line are two pulley machines. One of which has the lever to activate the entire machine.


Bendy and the Ink Machine

Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders

After exiting the Archives, Henry discovers the bridge machine and tries to start it up only to notice that a gear is missing. He must go to the pillar room to obtain thick ink from a Swollen Searcher and insert it into the nearby Ink Maker to create the gear. After collecting the gear, Henry will climb aboard the cable car. It slowly creeps across the pit. Halfway, the cable car will stop temporarily, and "Dangling by a Thread" will play. It will then continue after a brief pause to the other side. Once there, Henry will leave the cable car and walk over to the door and proceed to the next area to search for Buddy Boris.


  • While the machine's ropes do snap, the cart does not fall off, despite many players thinking it will.
    • However, there is a very rare glitch where the cart actually does fall into the abyss and kills the player. Then it automatically drags them out of the Inky Tunnel and they won't be able to enter the vent in the Lounge & Hideout unless they start again from the previous checkpoint, which is the Bridge Machine again.
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