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Boxes are objects designed for storage located around the areas within the Cycle. Half of many boxes can be opened, but some do not as if permanently locked. Furthermore, some boxes can include items to obtain.


There are four kinds of boxes:

  • Trunk chests - These large chests are big enough to have several item fit inside of them.
  • Toolboxes - Smaller boxes with tiny spaces that only fit one item.
  • Cardboard boxes - Medium sized Boxes used for storing film reels.
  • Supplies box - Box used by Buddy Boris to store his supplies in Boris and the Dark Survival.


Bendy and the Ink Machine

The chest revealing the dry cell and gear.

  • In Chapter 1: Moving Pictures:
  • In Chapter 2: The Old Song:
    • A toolbox is found on the desk next to Jack Fain's audio log located from the flooded sewers through the Boiler Room pathway. Opening this toolbox reveals nothing.
  • In Chapter 3: Rise and Fall:
    • A chest is found within the bedroom of the safehouse. It will not open until Henry goes to the objective of collecting Bacon Soup for Buddy Boris. Going back to the room and then opening the chest will reveal the can of Bacon Soup along with other unobtainable stuff like a mining helmet, a Bendy book, etc.
    • After giving Buddy Boris a bowl of cooked Bacon Soup, he will pull out a toolbox that includes a missing handle bar for Henry to use for opening the safehouse's exit door. There are also several amounts of small gears inside this toolbox.
    • Around the later locations (e.g., Trailer Room and Inner Chamber), some chests and toolboxes are also openable, but all of them are empty.

A chest containing a disc.

Boris and the Dark Survival

In Boris and the Dark Survival, the boxes serve the purpose of storage for Buddy Boris after he has collected all the necessary supplies from the randomly generated levels.




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