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Boswell Lotsabucks is one of the recurring characters of the Bendy comic strip series from 1931 to 1946.[1] Made by Joey Drew Studios, it is unknown if Boswell appeared anywhere in a cartoon.

General Description

Physical Appearance

He is a stout cartoon cat with a small button nose and a triangular-looking mustache. He wears a fine suit, a monocle, black shoes, and, like most cartoon characters, white gloves.

In his 1930s comics strips, he has black fur with a white face, mustache connecting his nose, and ears that bear an odd similar shape to Bendy's horns.

Around the early 1940s, he went through a big redesign; his fur is now all white, mustache and nose dis-attached, more feline-looking ears, and a short black tail. He has a short-sized cigar in his mouth, and wears a black suit coat (comes with a tie), plaid trousers, and a top hat.


In the comics of the 1930s era, he is positively calm, laid-back, and deadpan, and pays no careful attention to see what's going on around him.

In his 1940s appearances, however, his personality is drastically different. He appears meaner, snooty, snobbish, demanding, of authority, and has a short amount of patience. His archaic speech patterns suggests that he is bookish. He also is shown to have respect for those who have done right by him, as he is shown to be grateful to Bendy for delivering him to Idahoiowa on time.

Comic Appearances

Syndicated Comics (1932-1935)

  • Up in Flames (1932) - Bendy and Boris chase after the dollar bill which has flown through the window into Boswell's house. He unwittingly used the dollar bill as a handkerchief before tossing it to the fire stove.
  • Bright Idea (1932) - Boswell is seen in his house sitting on a couch, reading a book near the fireplace.
  • Bon Appe-Sneak (1933) - Boswell is sitting at a restaurant reading a newspaper. While his meal arrived, Bendy stole it without him even noticing.
  • Mutt Cuts (1933) - Boswell gets tricked by Bendy in getting a haircut at his "barber shop" to get his money, only for him to end up with a ridiculous hairstyle that everyone in town laughs at.
  • Sticky Situation (1933) - Boswell is seen taking a stroll on the beach, only for Bendy to stick a lollipop on his pocket and taking some of his belongings.
  • Nothing is Free (1934) - Bendy sees Boswell struggling to carry two bags of money, so he has the idea of making a "Free Money Disposal", and so Boswell decides to leave the bags there.
  • The Money will roll right in (1934) - Bendy and Boris scare Boswell, making him drop some of his fancy outfits. They wear them and then trick him into having a meal with them at a restaurant, only for them to quickly leave and leave Boswell to pay for the bill.
  • Poor Yorick (1934) - Boswell is holding a "Night of Culture at the Barnyard Theater". He can be seen along with the audience.
  • Pie and the Sky (1935) - Boswell can be seen waving his fist at Bendy while he's being chased by the Pig Cop.
  • Automo-steal (1935) - Boswell goes to an automobile repair shop run by Bendy and Boris. They try to fix his car, only for him to end up with a unicycle.

Promotional Comics (1941-1946)

  • Train Trouble - Boswell requests a Bendy to take him to Idahohiowa to sign the Potato Corn contract.


  • Boswell, along with the Pig Cop, is the only cartoon character to receive a major redesign for the next decade.
  • Boswell's appearance in the 1930s may bear some slight resemblance to Fat Cat, one of the antagonists of Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers.


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