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Borkis is a hostile Boris the Wolf counterpart and hidden enemy Buddy Boris will encounter on rare occasions in Boris and the Dark Survival.


Physical Appearance

Borkis shares the same exact appearance of Buddy Boris and other Boris Clones. The only noticeable difference are his eyes, which glow a bright yellow.


Borkis behaves similarly to Ink Bendy, the Projectionist, Twisted Alice, and the Butcher Gang. He will run after Buddy Boris upon the latter entering the former's field of vision. Entering the Little Miracle Station will halt Borkis from his pursuit, and he will wander off.

Borkis has the same animations as Buddy Boris and lacks his own signature chase theme, reusing Ink Bendy's "Shadows Follow" track.


Boris and the Dark Survival

Borkis is a very unique enemy and he can only be encountered on Level 414 on day 414. The chances to get this day are 1/3000 (with the only condition being that the player has to be on Day 11 or later).


Borkis old jumpscare.

  • Borkis was added in The Wolf Trials update.
    • In the update's first release, Borkis has an unclear jumpscare when he kills Buddy Boris, if you look closely you can see that it is a Boris with a real life style with ink stains on his face and no signs of life. In The Unleashed update, he had a clearer jumpscare, but it only had one frame.
  • The name "Borkis" seems to be a reference to the game's fanbase, where they use the term "bork" for Boris.
  • Borkis originates from a tweet by Matt Goles, the game programmer of Kindly Beast/Joey Drew Studios Inc. In his tweet, he jokingly claims that he wanted to add a new character to Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chapter 3's update for Chapter 4's release but theMeatly declined this idea because he thought it was too "radical". Furthermore, he introduces "Borkis" who turns out to be exactly Buddy Boris with his head rotated upside down, described as the "chillest dude and was afraid of nothing".[1]

A bizarre picture found in the mobile port of Bendy and the Ink Machine.

  • It may be possible that Borkis is in reference to the hidden picture in the mobile port of Bendy and the Ink Machine which shows three distorted Buddy Boris' with a Chapter 1: Moving Pictures' background with the text "BORIS COMES FOR THE SOUL". The image never appears in-game and seems to be merely a hidden joke.
  • Borkis, The Lost Ones, The Patron, and the Projectionist are the only monsters with glowing eyes.
    • Additionally, Borkis and Striker are the only monsters with pie-cut eyes.
  • The number 414 has been used multiple times in the Bendy universe. It is unknown what the use of the number means as of now.



  1. "So I wanted to add a new character to #BATIM, but @themeatly thought he was too "radical". SO here he is for all of you! This is Borkis, he's the chillest dude and ain't afraid of nothin!" - Matt Goles. May 3, 2018. Twitter.
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