IKnowImNotAlone0 IKnowImNotAlone0 13 days ago


I am no longer 11 and this is cringe, my name Roblox Nametag is Xheftyy.


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Bendygang1930 Bendygang1930 17 days ago

Joey Drew Studios

There is much discussion on what year the studio was opened and shut down....well I do have some theories. First of all..I'm going to say this now...the timeline wiki is wrong...Daniel Lewek was born in August 1930...in the novel he is 16 and is about to turn 17. As for the studios grand opening..no one really knows.. I did however notice something in the employee's handbook....on one of the first pages there is a check list of things Henry wants to do after he quits..plus there is the letters that are between him and Joey...the time stamp on one of them is cut off a bit but I did figure out that the year on the stamp was 1910...so this was clearly before animation studios got popular for their work,but animation was created in the year o…

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Nadyaacacia Nadyaacacia 19 days ago

New account

Hi everyone Welcome to my blog and i am new here so I would love some suggesting by yall love you and stay safe 😁🙃😉😋:)❤️

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Bendyinklord757 Bendyinklord757 21 days ago

Calling Out The Bendy Fandom

i'm glad to see someone calling out a fanbase that is slowly coming more and more toxic. Most are 9 and 10 year old fucks who never realized how long game development takes. People need to stop and remember that we're in the middle of a global pandemic, JDS had to fire people and almost went bankrupt, they had to redo the entire story, and they're putting in this stuff like the coffee to get the money to finish the game! If people keep telling them to stop with merch, they can't finish the game!

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Thebiggestfail Thebiggestfail 22 days ago

A Theory On The Cycle.

You See, I think that the Joey Drew Studios that we play through in the game (The Cartoony One) is actually just a cartoon simulation produced by the ink machine, But it was still areal place. It was made to possibly keep all the dangerous stuff created by it, to quote Joey himself "Locked Up Tight!". Like how Ink Bendy was kept in the infirmary. Essentially, Henry is stuck in the same cycle over and over again, and it's just a script fed into the ink machine, like the ones we see on the desk in Joey Drews apartment at the end of the game.  Those are just different "scripts" that could replace the cycle we play through. I have a theory that BATDR, as it takes place at the same time as BATIM, might just be a different script that Audrey has…

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ProfessorBaldi1 ProfessorBaldi1 9 September

Bendy Theories

On this blog you can write theories of the bendy series

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Thebiggestfail Thebiggestfail 7 September

The fate of all characters

I just want to see some opinions as I'm new to the wiki, and the Bendy & The Ink Machine fandom.

Wally Franks was probably not anything, as he doesn't have a coffin, and his letter seems to imply he is still alive, right?

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Levielpro Levielpro 1 September

My theories of BATDR

Hello, fellow animators!

Today you will see how dreams do come true!
In this easy theories program sponsored by gent corporation and Joey drew studios himself!
When all started with a nightmare and ink...

Well,we need to start at the beginning , well,what did you think about the misterious voice in the audio logs before reading this? Bendy? Sammy? Well,of course not! Is the most lonely man in this cartoon world,Gran Cohen itself! Well,let me explain: When he transformed,he became intelligent and capable of making mathematics that a searcher couldn´t do,that money,where he could find it? On the Joey Drew studios Archives! When he was human,he had access to this places,that could explain a lot!

Well,what I was saying:with a pencil and dream... We…

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Finzombie Finzombie 25 August

Bendy Google Translate

Okay. I went and ran common BatIM phrases through google translate. To arabic, to japanese, to russian, and back to English. Let's see what happens.

Ink Bendy has no soul.

becomes. . .

There is no soul in the Ink Gang.

Wait, are you saying the Inky Butcher gang has no soul? Speaking of which. . .

The butcher gang is Piper, Fisher, and Striker.

becomes. . .

Butcher gangs are bagpipers, fishermen and strikers.

I don't even know what to say to that

Joey Drew is a maniac.

becomes. . .

Joy Drew is obsessed.

Okay, also true. Wait, does that say Joy Drew?

Bertrum Piedmont hates being called Bertie.

becomes. . .

Bertholom Piedmont doesn't like being called Bertie.

I'm sorry. . . BERTHELOM?!?!?

That's all for now!

becomes. . .

That's all for now!

Hmm. No garbling. Tha…

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BATIM Bloopers

I came up with most of these myself, though not all of them. I think they're pretty funny, so I thought I'd share. Just a quick heads up, this is in the "the whole game is a movie or something" universe, and not in canon.  Also, these are listed mostly in the order they go in the game.

  • The audio from the audio logs is said live for filming (usually by the person who’s in the audio log), then added in post; it becomes a contest among the cast to get Henry/whoever’s talking to laugh the most 

  • The Ink Machine just stops halfway out of the hole 

  • The changing picture doesn’t move at all 

  • Henry dropping the objects multiple times; the inkwell breaks at some point 

  • The mechanism for the Bendy jumpscare breaks and it just falls flat on the floor 

  • Henry …

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InkDemon121 InkDemon121 6 August

Will Boris be in BATDR?

I personally can't wait for BATDR to come out, and it had me wondering if Boris will play a character role in it once it does this year. I know that it's too early to know officially, but it's not too early to speculate. Some signs that point to 'no' are the fact that Boris doesn't seem to make an appearance in any of the BATDR merchandise that has come out, he isn't mentioned in any of the trailers for it, and the fact the game itself seems to be more focused on other characters instead. I know that it isn't probably going to be released for awhile now so it's not 100% teltale signs, but they are possible signs since merch tends to include important characters to sell from the game on it. This could also mean that Boris could just be a mi…

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Theissacstub Theissacstub 29 July

Concept Bendy


  • 1 appearance 
  • 2 In-game-appearance
    • 2.1 Chapter:Archives
  • 3 Fanfiction appearances 
    • 3.1 Kittanmates 
    • 3.2 Aishite,Tonight We Strike
    • 3.3  Memefish112
    • 3.4 Counting Sheep
  • 4 Trivia

concept bendy looks like the original,except he has no mouth.instead,he has lots of sharp teeth.he has three darts on his hands(now scrapped),and he is more thin.every place will be not covered of ink.

He appears as a statue next to alpha bendy.the description says as same as what appearance says.

he made an upload of 'bendy story arc'.concept bendy makes a major role.

these songs depicts of abandoned bendy characters getting replaced by others.th…

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Finzombie Finzombie 29 July

The Projectionist Rules

Who likes the projectionist?

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Minecraftfan300 Minecraftfan300 26 July


Ok ok so I was walking through the place trying to find the ink pressure machines, I was walking through the little hallway that says “He will Save Us!” And guess who came through the wall that very exact moment? BENDY!!!

And he killed me...

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MilesDreamsicle323 MilesDreamsicle323 23 July

ooh i forgot about these


Thank you and goodnight!!!!

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Xplayer76 Xplayer76 14 July

How do I use this?

I've never made blog posts.

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BendyDevilBros BendyDevilBros 18 June

Will Bendy And The Dark Revival come out for xbox one or xbox series x???

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DragonStar113 DragonStar113 10 June

Hello and welcome to theory’s with DragonStar

Hi! I'm doing some theory's for the game to get ppl settled

1 The new character Alice

my theory for Alice is that she is a new character, for any female character knows about bendy and wouldn't wander back there

Henry must have run back when he escaped, and shouted to almost everyone he knew, and Alice here was det on debunking his shouts, thinking he was mad and went to make sure he wasn't lying, she was then half corrupted by the ink, but she never gave her soul up and bendy saw her fighting spirit

bendy is not strong anymore for some off reason and is slowly fading, maybe he is being smudged away by a greater force

he, because he is fading passes his satanic powers it Alice in an attempt to take her inky form over and live

he fails in this an…

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So, hello Bendy Fandom! I’m currently posting about the up and coming Bendy and the Dark Revival. I really thing that “Cartoon Bendy” from the merchandise is Henry as an ink creature. If you think about it, it really makes sense. If you have anything you want to share or talk about about BATDR, this is the blog.

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Inkystudios24680 Inkystudios24680 24 May


Hewo!!! Nobody's come yet, but if you see this and want to be friends or wanna discuss things, please comment!! I'm so gosh darn lonely and bored..

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FCMakes FCMakes 24 May

Bendy Hotkey Mod


I created a mod for the complete edition of BATIM. It allows you to do some cool stuff, like destroying stuff, cloning enemies, resizing them, disabling gravity and spawning weapons in any chapter.


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DareDareYaze DareDareYaze 18 May

Info box on BATDR

Can someone fix the info box on the Bendy and the Dark Revival page? I would but I don't have permission.

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Bendyinklord757 Bendyinklord757 10 May


Let us all remember a very important mom in the Bendy lore. Irena Lewek, Buddy’s mom. A hardworking woman, who sacrificed everything for her son and father. Who eventually lost her son to a tragedy, without any knowledge of how he died.

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20dvillon 20dvillon 7 May

Welcome to the Bendy Wiki You can learn about characters and monsters/villans

Well the real relase date may be real but we need to wait!

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BettyTheDemon BettyTheDemon 6 May

Does anyone ever even read blog posts???

Sure don't seem like it.

I mean, I make all these posts and put effort into them, and I'm lucky to even get one comment. Because of that, I tend to stick with discussions as there seems to be more traffic there.


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Minecraftfan300 Minecraftfan300 6 May

Stuck Forever...(My BATIM Glitch)

Stuck Forever!


Bendy as Ink Bendy!

Boris As Boris!

And The Nerd MinecraftFan300! This was on chapter three btw

So after hiding for what seemed like forever, I eventually got three thick ink blobs. Alice told me to come to her so I got into the elevator and went up to Level K.

So I ran out but realized I made to much noise so I bolted to the Elevator running still and Ink Bendy spawned. Just before he came through I closed the doors of the Elevator keeping Bendy out. However...Ink Bendy wouldn't go away and began running anywhere to try and get in. He had no success and I went up to the next floor but guess what?

Bendy somehow attached to the elevator and came up with us. So we were trapped forever!


Produced By MinecraftFan300!

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FCMakes FCMakes 3 May

BATDS Multiplayer Game on Roblox

Hello everyone!

2 months ago I made a BATDS multiplayer game on Roblox. If anyone has a roblox account, try it out - it's fun!


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BettyTheDemon BettyTheDemon 3 May

Wally's Dustpan Would Be OP As a Weapon

Just saying.

I mean come on, it's apparently strong enough to knock somebody out with one hit (possibly because it's metal rather than plastic). Just the thought of going around the studio with the dustpan as your weapon is pretty funny to me... 


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BettyTheDemon BettyTheDemon 15 April

I'm awake at 3:20 in the morning and can't go back to sleep?


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BettyTheDemon BettyTheDemon 11 April

All aboard the Buddy Boris Railway Hype Train!

  • 1 CHOO CHOO!
  • 2 WARNING: The content below may or may not be spoilers in case any of these theories turn out to be true.
    • 2.1 Theory Number One: Destroying The Ink Machine
    • 2.2 Theory Number Two: Simply forcing your way through the exit in Chapter One lol
    • 2.3 Theory Number Three: Is freeing everyone REALLY a good idea?

Really though, the BATDR trailer seems really promising. 





Honestly, it could be any day now (some peeps are saying April 14)

Hmm... also how DOES one break the cycle? I have a few theories, one of them involving the ink machine (and apparently killing the Ink Demon isn't the answer).

This is the first theory. My theory is the ink machine is what gives the Cycle form (as I bel…

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Bendy Stein Bendy Stein 7 April


So, I think that all of the Bendy games should be in a site at google. Oh, and I hope after chapter 1 of dark revival, TheMeatly will actually make Bendy Royale.

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BettyTheDemon BettyTheDemon 4 April

Boris And The Dark Surivival in a shellnut

"I'm tryna sneak around and find supplies, but I'm DUMMY THICC and the clap of mah butt cheeks keeps alerting the Ink Demon!!!"

Seriously, this is game is like... really  hard. I barely managed to make it past day 1. I guess the difficulty can be a good thing; it's both nice and annoying at the same time. I do like the game so far. I love how tense and jumpy the atmosphere is. It really does put me on edge. 

So this is what Buddy Boris (and probably everyone else) has been up to before Henry showed up? Makes sense. I like to imagine that Henry and Boris did this together while they stayed in the safe house lol.

What do you guys think of the game? Is the difficulty just right or too much? 


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Trerg5 Trerg5 3 April



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BettyTheDemon BettyTheDemon 1 April

I'm uh... back? I don't believe it either.

As for why I left in the first place, I was going through some... things. See, IRL I'm VERY prone to mental breakdowns and when I have episodes, I tend to do some... things. I think a lot of it was my OCD making me feel bad for being a part of this wiki (religious OCD, making me feel bad for liking a game that involved demonic things). But, I decided to come back as for a long time I've felt bad about leaving.

I remember being so heavily involved in the wiki and overall community, and I just threw it all away. Heck, I was even an admin.  I'm gonna try and make a good, hearty comeback and hopefully it'll be like I never left. Don't worry folks, I'm gonna put work into it. HOORAY!!!

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Mango-Pango Mango-Pango 1 April

"BENDY ROYALE" - new Bendy game trailer?

girl i-

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A theory I had courtesy of Blood and Ink on loop

Maybe Borkis is actually Henry.

-He's probably tied to the loop in some way (Day and Level 414)

-His eyes glow like the secret messages in BATIM, which have been theorized to be written by Henry

-We know from Dreams Come To Life that Henry created the golden trio (Bendy, Boris, and Alice), so the "your personality dictates what you turn into" theory might be true

-Henry may have lost his memory, either from his transformation or because he's been through the loop so many times

Of course, since we (supposedly) hear Henry enter the studio during the original end sequence, this theory would work if the loop could be affected so that certain things can happen in the loop that are "off-script"*, which we know can happen because of the hidden message…

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BATIMfanboi BATIMfanboi 28 March

How Audrey Connects BATIM with BATDR


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Bendygames2 Bendygames2 24 March


Okay. So Ink Bendy is not Joey Drew. I did think that, but not anymore. My new theory is below. 

Okay, so they probely tried to make Bendy with the Ink Machine, but Ink Bendy came out. They also could have put someone who had something wrong with their legs ink the Ink Machine, which might explain why Ink Bendy limps and why Beast Bendy walks on his hands and not his legs. This also might be what the wheelchair is about. 

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A Small Thing I Noticed courtesy of Megalovania in 6/8

Ok, so I was going through Chapter 4 (again), when I noticed something interesting. As you'll see in the picture I uploaded (if you can see it; if you can't for some reason, it's the sign at the end of the opening hallway directing you to the Archives and Grant Cohen's office), the Archives are J-L. Aside from having literally three letters, I realized that it might stand for something.

I ask you to consider: J and L could stand for Joey Lied.

And what is the secret message that we see layered on top of "The Creator Lied To Us"?

Joey Lied To Us.

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Bendy Stein Bendy Stein 20 March

Joey drew

Ok for all that think that Joey Drew is the ink demon. Joey Drew isn't Bendy. Just trying to spread the word. 

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Bendygames2 Bendygames2 14 March

Explanation of it all

First of all, Ink Bendy is Joey Drew, and the letter was to trick Henry in to coming back so Joey could get revenge on him. 

Then in Chapter 5, Joey FINALLY lets Henry go.  That's all. Bye! 

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HideyHole HideyHole 6 March

Every Single File I Have On Sydney Ortiz (An OC Of Mine) (NO, I'M NOT JUST DOING THIS TO GET A BADGE)

(None of this information is canon.)

Sydney Ortiz!

Probably one of the greatest OCs I've ever had, and I have 13 OCs.

(I say one of the greatest because NADIA)

But moving on!

  • 1 Syd In Summary
  • 2 More Detail!
  • 3 Audio Logs


·         12-year-old human and a freaking rebel child

·         If you call her tiny and adorable, she’ll hit you

·         4 feet 10 inches, short and straight brown hair, blue eyes, and wears a pink dress with a white flower on it.

·         Spent SIX YEARS looking for her family after they disappeared down there.


·         Average 12-year-old intelligence; strength factor slightly above average

·         Friend of Nadia, Shawn, Lexi, and Aaron. And maybe Owen.

·         A lot…

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Boristhebest34125 Boristhebest34125 22 February

ranking the butcher gang

first of all i love all these guys and their challenges also alot of the time their quality in their chapter shows the quality of the chapter itself 

like chapter three 

shows alot of lore of these characters 

chapter 4 

really cool gimmick that's really hard with the empty bacon soup cans 

chapter 5 

disappointing and stupidly hard

now the actual ranking 

worst:fisher:he has the least interesting design of the three but takes like 9,000,000 hits in chapter three 

middle:piper:really creepy looking 

best:striker:i love love his design especially his mouth on the top of the head and i can't wait too see his design in dark revival   

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Mango-Pango Mango-Pango 21 February

Theory: what Henry has become

I've been procrastinating on writing this theory until now

Y'know I used to be not really big fan of the "Henry turned into a Bendy" theory, but after thinking about how Sammy mistakenly thought Henry was his lord in Chapter 5 and even said "I'm going to cut that smile right off your face" I've been starting to think hey maybe it's pretty likely after all

However, considering how Allison told Henry that "we don't even know what you are", the situation doesn't seem as straightforward as Henry simply turning into a Bendy. If Henry turned into a Bendy, or if he never transformed and remained human, then surely Allison would've figured out what he's supposed to be

Instead, as the person who created the cartoon characters in the first place, I bel…

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Ecatsay Ecatsay 19 February

Hacking BatDS (video)

So I've decided to make a video with some interesting game-breaking... do not take it as advertising or anything, just wanted to show some cool things from BatDS for people who may enjoy them :P

Here's a video . Hope you'll enjoy it!

Have a good day!

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Ecatsay Ecatsay 19 February

Old BatIM Ch1 versions

I have NO idea is this a correct place to ask, but does anybody have old versions of Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 1 (Demo)? I'm looking for the ones released at the same time as Ch2 and Ch3. I've found the prototype version already.

Thank you guys for reading, and hopefully - for your help :P

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Mango-Pango Mango-Pango 17 February

Parallels between the Main Cartoon Trio and the Butcher Gang

Mostly writing this for myself to keep track of

  • Shortest of each group
  • No nose
  • Little to no clothes
  • Playful/childish

  • Tallest of each group
  • Black nose
  • Sharp teeth
  • Greedy/kleptomaniac
  • Names rhyme with Alice/Barley

  • White nose
  • Head accessory (halo/hat)
  • Some kind of detail around right eye (mole/eyepatch)
  • Names rhyme with Boris/Charley

So basically the Butcher Gang are the villain counterparts of the Main Trio, sort of

(I'll be updating this when we learn more about the characters ofc)

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Mango-Pango Mango-Pango 16 February

The "toon consciousness" theory

Basically the consciousness of the actual cartoon characters are present within all the toon-based creatures in the Cycle

In Buddy Boris' case this is directly stated in the novel note I still haven't been able to actually read the novel so this information is taken from Daniel Lewek's page that Toon Boris' personality started to take over Buddy. We also see in BATDS that while Toon Boris enjoys holding a bone in his mouth, it's Buddy himself that tries to put together a collage of his former self using scraps. It can also be inferred that any time Buddy Boris acts dumb or gluttonous (ie. Buddy Boris keeping the lever from Henry until he gives him bacon soup) Toon Boris is in control, and any time Buddy Boris actually acts competent (ie. goin…

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Evelyn1563 Evelyn1563 15 February

Voice of Sam and Henry

Sam: Hey dad

Henry: Hello son

Sam: You want to see me?

Henry: Yes. When you are here, why not make friends.

Sam: But...

Henry: You can't be alone all the time.

Sam: Alright.

Henry: I got to get back to work.

Sam: Okay. Bye

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Evelyn1563 Evelyn1563 14 February

Voice of Sam Stain

My dad let me go to his job. It’s very cool. He makes cartoons. He made a demon named Bendy, he’s so cute. Anyways my dad said that he would show me everything about this place. I meet Mr. Drew too. Well, I got to get to my dad.

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