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This article is about Bertrum's former human self. For his monster form, see Bertrum (monster).

"But before you go taking any bows, Mister Drew, know that this grand achievement will belong to me... and to me alone."
Bertrum's first audio log as a human,
Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chapter 4

Bertrum Piedmont is a renowned purveyor in amusement park-based entertainment, who created the amusement park Bendy Land with the help of Joey Drew Studios.

He, like several known workers in the studio, is a victim of the studio's corruption, thus becoming a monstrous entity of the Cycle.

General Description

Physical Appearance

Based on the head inside his monster form, Bertrum Piedmont has jet-black hair and a slim paintbrush mustache. In the Bendy And The Ink Machine Dreams Come to Life novel, he is described as being tall, with a burly, supposedly muscular physique.


Speaking with the usage of upper-class London accent, Bertrum is quite dramatic, arrogant, and egotistical, so much so that his bombastic side rivals that of Joey Drew's. He is highly proud of the theme parks he creates, having worked on many amusement parks over forty years, claiming them to be "colossal wonders", and saying he earned his legacy with sweat, with over 40 years of experience. He hates being called pet names by Joey Drew (such as Bertie), as well as having the credit for his hard work taken from him because he understandably doesn't like being disrespected or discredited by anyone. As shown in his audio log from 1940, Bertrum saw Joey as someone with high demands and expectations of his work, and would often make corrections and changes to the notes Bertrum submitted for his theme park. He criticized Joey for how his expectations and efforts made him incapable of reaching the vision he had planned for his studio. As seen from Bertrum's design for the Bendy mascot costumes from the Joey Drew Studios Employee Handbook, this is mainly due to Joey's belief that Bertrum is not "dreaming" as big as he expected. In the Dreams Come to Life novel, based on his only appearance in the novel, he is shown to be polite and friendly towards most people (this is meant to imply that his resentment is purely meant for Joey personally).


Early Life

Hidden Rivalry with Joey

Sometime later, he rants about his work terms to design the Bendy-themed attraction. He was rather upset when Joey Drew begin addressing him by a childish name to the public, and later when Joey wanted to take credit for Bendy Land.[1]

Dreams Come to Life

Party Celebration

Bertrum is a part of the company party that Joey Drew invites Buddy Lewek to, in which Buddy met Bertrum in passing, through Joey. After a brief conversation, he left with Joey to prepare his speech for Bendy Land.

Bendy and the Ink Machine

Main article: Bertrum (monster)

Under unknown circumstances, Bertrum was, somehow, trapped in the Cycle and became an immobile monstrosity of amusement ride machinery.

Prior to Meeting Bertrum

In Chapter 2: The Old Song, it is revealed that Bertrum's coffin can be found in Utility Shaft 9 next to Lacie Benton's coffin when using the Seeing Tool.

Hello Bertie

In Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders, his audio log where he describes his Bendy Land works and opinions regarding Joey makes a debut in the fourth chapter, where it can be found near the entrance to the warehouse.[1]

His second tape is found in the Attraction Storage room within Storage 9. However, unlike all the audio logs before his, the audio does not seem to be coming from the cassette itself, but rather from a speaker connected to it. The tape describes how mad he is at Joey Drew for attempting to take Bendy Land from him. He wraps up his autograph by stating that even though Joey thought he had been kicked out from the company, he was still there;[2] initiating the boss fight against him that leads him to his death.

During his boss fight, Bertrum smashes the table with one of his arm cranes that destroyed his audio log, making his dialogue unable to be listened to again.


The following information contains spoilers. To view them, click the [show] tag.

"For forty years, I've built attractions that stagger the imagination! Colossal wonders such as the world has never seen! I have earned my legacy with sweat. But right in front of everyone... high level investors, Wall Street tycoons, the ever-tactless Joey Drew introduces me, the great Bertrum Piedmont, as Bertie! Like I was his child. You may be paying me, Mister Drew! But you don't own me! I'll build you a park bigger than anything YOU could ever possibly conceive! But before you go taking any bows, Mister Drew, know that this grand achievement will belong to me... and to me alone."
Bertrum's 1st audio log

"The biggest park ever built, a centerfold of attractions. Each one, more grand than the one before it. It makes my eyes come to tears at the thought. But then... oh Mister Drew. For all your talk of dreams, you are the true architect behind so many nightmares. I built this park. It was to be a masterpiece! My masterpiece! And now you think you can just throw me out? Trample me to the dust and forget me? No! This is my park! My glory! You may think I've gone... But I'm still here!"
Bertrum's 2nd audio log

"A grand idea is one that requires care and attention. A well calculated understanding between creation… and creator. I was told that Mister Drew hired me to build his park for this very reason. He trusted my eye to craft and design something wondrous… and exciting. So why do my notes keep coming back dripping with his critical red pen? Changes! Corrections! Questions that a child wouldn’t ask! Mister Drew may consider himself a dreamer… but in the end, he’s the man who can see the island… but could never build the boat himself."
Audio log, dated May 19th, 1940, by Bertrum Piedmont.


General Notes

  • It has been stated by Bendy on Twitter that Bertrum's birthday is on the 30th of April.[3]
  • His first name is a variant form of the old French/German name Bertram, meaning "bright raven".
    • His nickname "Bertie" is a diminutive of names like Albert, Herbert, Robert, Norbert, Bertrand and other names containing bert (often derived from the Germanic element beraht meaning "bright").
  • His voice actor, Joe J. Thomas, also voices the Balcony Lost One.

Bendy and the Ink Machine

  • In Chapter 5: The Last Reel, Bertrum's name is listed among those on an appointment schedule in the lobby of the Administrations division.
  • In the ending of the final chapter where it takes place in Joey Drew's apartment, on the bulletin board, Bertrum's name is briefly mentioned in the notepaper that lists the Bendy Land rides and games, being nicknamed as "Bertie" by Joey himself.



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