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"Now that... is a beautiful, and positively silly thought."
- Joey Drew
This article contains sources that were not canonical as an official part of the Bendy series or the overall plotline.

See Bendy (disambiguation) for other related uses.

This article is about the animation short. For the character, see Cuphead.

Bendy VS Cuphead, also titled as Cuphead & Bendy in "Crossover Clash", is a crossover animation for the web series DBX, created by one of Rooster Teeth's channels, Screwattack. The video involves a crossover fight battle between Bendy and Cuphead, the titular protagonist from the run 'n gun platforming game of the same name by Studio MDHR that was also inspired by rubberhose cartoons.

Due to Joey Drew Studios Inc.'s official deal with Rooster Teeth for importing home consoles for Bendy and the Ink Machine, this animation is considered official for the franchise but bears no canonical connections to the Bendy universe.



It begins with Cuphead strolling while happily whistling until he trips over on a blob of ink. Suddenly, the blob of ink turns into Bendy, who happily introduces himself with a handshake. As Cuphead is about to shake his hand back, he remembers what happened previously with the Devil in "Don't Deal With The Devil". So, Cuphead begins the battle with Bendy. Cuphead shoots at Bendy, who was frantically trying to avoid the projectiles, until he jumps behind a bush. As Cuphead searches for the demon, Bendy finds a plant and a sack of "ACME QUIK GROW", which he used behind the scene. Behind Cuphead pops out a giant monstrous plant as a result with Bendy riding on it. The plant repeatedly tries to hit Cuphead with its stalks. Then, one of its stalks turns pink, indicating Cuphead to "parry slap" it, allowing Cuphead to use an "EX Attack" on Bendy. The blast launches Bendy into the sky and out of the animation cell, leaving a giant hole in it. Cuphead then follows him after through the hole on his plane.

From inside the studio in Bendy's universe, different to Cuphead's, Bendy rips through the projector screen and crashes into barrels and boxes of ink and some cans of Bacon Soup. Cuphead jumps through the tear and waits for any movement. Bendy absorbs all the ink from the mess and transforms into Ink Bendy, shocking Cuphead. Ink Bendy punches Cuphead into a wall next to an axe. Cuphead grabs the axe and runs towards Ink Bendy and attempts to hit him, but Ink Bendy splits into two and causes Cuphead to miss. Cuphead trips over a pipe and falls to the floor as Ink Bendy approaches him. Then, the pipes begin to shake with Ink Bendy concerned. The pipes leak streams of ink. The next scene shows the main valve that has a wrench on it, with a note that says "DO NOT TOUCH! - TOM". Ink Bendy looks at the main valve that says on the top "EXTREME PRESSURE!" Then, he looks back at Cuphead and reaches out to him. Cuphead throws the axe at him, and Ink Bendy dodges it, but the axe instead hits the wrench and tightens the pressure. The ceiling suddenly collapses with a mass avalanche of ink to fall on Ink Bendy, crushing him. Cuphead smiles triumphantly as Ink Bendy melts, but his ink mass slides out of the debris and transforms into a tall inky figure behind Cuphead, becoming Beast Bendy. Cuphead looks behind him and is grabbed by Beast Bendy, who pins him against the wall. Beast Bendy then rips his head off and drinks all of Cuphead's insides from his head, killing him. He then drops the empty cup head, which shatters as it hits the ground, leaving a game over screen.


  • The scream Ink Bendy and Beast Bendy makes is the exact reused beta scream used for Ink Bendy's alpha model in Bendy and the Ink Machine's earliest prototype.
  • The pressure gauge mentioned by Thomas Connor and Wally Franks' duo audio log in Bendy and the Ink Machine's Chapter 3 is seen in the workshop, along with a note from Thomas reading "DO NOT TOUCH. - TOM"
  • In Cuphead's world, the overworld building for Hilda Berg's "Threatenin' Zeppelin" boss level from the background is seen twice.
  • Toothy Terror is based on the plant creature from Atrox-C's "Toontober Day 5 - Plant" DeviantArt drawing, who is known as the "Cat-Eating Plant".


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