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The Bendy Statue is a life-sized sculpture of Bendy in Bendy and the Ink Machine, first introduced in Chapter 2: The Old Song and reappeared in the later three chapters. It serves as a respawn point for Henry after he dies.

General Description


The Bendy Statue is a solid stone statue of Bendy himself that is twice as tall as Henry. It yellow in color with scratches all over it. Dark ambience along with various low whispering sounds is heard upon approaching one Bendy statue closer.

Those that do not act like respawning points but just as a part of the environment come in many different sizes; some are small while others appear surprisingly huge.


The ink tunnel Henry must travel through to respawn.

Whenever Henry is killed by an enemy, he will respawn inside the mysterious tunnel made out of ink with whispering voices and a glowing light at the end. Making his way to the light will cause Henry to come directly out of the Bendy statue, back to progress his journey.


Bendy and the Ink Machine

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  • Before the statue of Bendy was implemented, the early respawn point that was introduced in the first release of Chapter 2 was originally an ink-drawn pentagram with an ink blob on the center. This was later redesigned for Chapter 3's release.
    • Also, before the release of Chapter 4, the ink tunnel was not implemented yet, making Henry respawning in front of the statue instead, skipping the unmade ink tunnel.
  • Reversing the cryptic lines inside the ink tunnel before respawning out of the Bendy statue reveals Henry's lines from Chapter 1: Moving Pictures.
  • Reversing the audio that emanates from the statue reveals the following lines:
    • I can see you
    • You can't hide from me
    • I'll find you
    • I'm over here - this way
    • Standing right next to you
    • I wear a machine over my head - can't you see me? (Implies the audio is being said by Norman Polk)
    • He's going to find you
    • Death
    • There's no escape
    • You can't get out of this place
    • Isn't this scary?
  • The Bendy statue's mechanic is inspired by the Vita-Chamber from the BioShock series.
  • The respawning sequences of the tunnel probably drew inspiration from the Borderlands series, a franchise developed by Gearbox Software and one of the Bendy series' inspiring references beside BioShock.
  • In the prototype version of Chapter 2, there is an area that can be hacked into which contains a Wandering Sin cutout with two shrunken-down Bendy Statues, along with a candle, a bowl, and a Bendy Doll. However, only the heads of the statues are visible when standing directly in front of the cutout.


Description Audio
The sound produced when Henry respawns.
The looped whispers and ambiance heard when in the death tunnel respawning.
The sound heard when standing next to the statue (reversed and enhanced to hear voices)


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