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"So what if I went and painted some of those Bendy dolls with a crooked smile?"
Shawn Flynn's audio log,
Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chapter 3

The Bendy doll is a plushie toy of Joey Drew Studios' main character Bendy, created by the foreman of Heavenly Toys; Shawn Flynn, who served as a liaison at Joey Drew Studios.


The Bendy plush found in Joey's apartment from the first game's epilogue.

The Bendy Doll is a small doll modeled after Bendy.

Found throughout the Cycle, the doll has a lack of gloves, the limbs are more plush-like, the eyes face opposite directions, the bow tie is less floppy, and there is a large stitch down the left side of its face. Its horns are also a bit less round. Another stitch can be seen across his bowtie.

In the universe's reality, as seen in Joey's apartment from the epilogue of Bendy and the Ink Machine, the doll has a slightly larger and more rounded head, a more triangular and bigger bowtie, a larger torso, and it possess a pair of gloves.


Bendy and the Ink Machine

The Bendy doll in the Theater location.

The Bendy doll first appeared in Chapter 1: Moving Pictures. This toy is one of the six items Henry must collect for the break room before activating the Ink Machine. Once obtained, Henry must place the Bendy doll upon the pedestal in the break room that corresponds to the doll's portrait. It can be found in the Theater on a chair next to the projector.

The Bendy doll appeared in four other chapters up to date. While they cannot be obtained, the dolls produce a squeaking sound when interacted with:


General Facts

  • The image of the Bendy doll when picked up, and one of the official promo image have a stitch from the left side of its face while its in-game model lacks one.
  • There is a Bendy doll available on the game's official website store and public stores, along with the dolls of other Joey Drew Studios characters.
    • An alternative version of the official Bendy doll toy printed with some stitches was owned by Mike Mood and his wife Jillian Mood. This unique kind of the Bendy doll is not available from both online and public stores, although a Bendy doll in Heavenly Toys style similar to the one Mike owns is purchasable in the official store website.

In-Game Facts

Chapter 1: Moving Pictures
  • The audio upon picking the Bendy doll up from the chapter's earlier prototype sounds slightly different. Upon the releases of future remastered updates first introduced in Chapter 1's first remastered edition, the sound is much like a squeezable "dog-toy".
  • A Bendy doll in the Lunch Room.

    Before the release of Chapter 4, the Bendy doll in Chapter 1 was localized in a randomized location:
    • Lunch Room: Found leaning next to one of the wooden pedestals near the stair entrance.
Chapter 2: The Old Song
  • In Chapter 2's pre-update before Chapter 3's release, the Bendy dolls cannot squeak when interacting on them.
    • From the deleted Game Jolt port for Chapter 2's first release, there is a bug that if Henry goes near the dolls from the S3 vault in Chapter 2, his view darkens. It was later fixed upon Steam's release along with update patch 0.2.
Chapter 3: Rise and Fall
  • Interacting with 25 of the Bendy dolls will unlock the "Inner Child" achievement.
Chapter 5: The Last Reel
  • The model for the Bendy plush's "real-life" style in Joey's apartment towards the chapter's end remarkably references the same plush product in real life.


Description Audio
The current sound produced when the Bendy doll is collected.
The sound produced when placing the Bendy doll on the pedestal in the break room.
The sound produced when interacting with the Bendy doll.
The old sound produced when the Bendy doll is collected.
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