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The opening scene of the cartoons before the title card.

The series of Bendy's cartoons is a fictional rubberhose animation show initially created by the crew members of the American animation company Joey Drew Studios, first debuting as early as 1929 since the studio's establishment. The show ran before the discontinuation, revealed in Bendy and the Ink Machine. The show was presented in its film process Sillyvision,[1] and as seen from numerous posters and currently six published animated shorts, the show contains at least thirty episodes shown so far to the public knowledge. Only the episode, "The End", was never shown but is only used against Beast Bendy as his weakness in Bendy and the Ink Machine.

The show featured every known character so far - Bendy, Boris the Wolf, Alice Angel, and the Butcher Gang members (Barley, Charley, and Edgar). Minor characters include the skeleton character, a snowman, and a cookie. According to Susie Campbell, there are other characters that were not seen, including "talking chairs" and "dancing chickens".[2]


This is a list of cartoons that have never received their animations yet, other than four animation shorts along with the number of scene clips based on the posters found in Chapter 5 of Bendy and the Ink Machine.



Unknown Date


  • The posters for the fourth Bendy and the Ink Machine chapter of the fanart contest weren't added to the game due to content-lock. They are still considered as canon.
  • A lot (if not all) of the 1929-1930s cartoons are re-released in the early 1940s as propaganda for promoting war bonds during World War II.[3]
  • A part of each Bendy cartoon appears in Chapter 5: The Last Reel, in the throne room, except for "Little Devil Darlin'", "The Dancing Demon", "Showbiz Bendy", "Floating Demon", "All Washed Up", "The Horror House", "Construction Corruption", "Black Sheep", "Tombstone Picnic", "Haunted Hijinx", "Snow Sillies", "Cookie Cookin", and "Tasty Trio Troubles".


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