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"He was there for his beginning, but he's never seen... The End."
Joey explaining Beast Bendy's weakness,
Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chapter 5

Beast Bendy is the alternate, monstrous form of Ink Bendy and the final boss of Bendy and the Ink Machine.


Physical Appearance

This powerful form of Ink Bendy is far more intimidating, larger, and is almost entirely ink-black in color. Compared to his original form, the shape of this monstrosity is almost symmetrical. While still having absent eyes, his enlarged head lost a lot of cartoonish traits with a wide mouth having two rows of fierce sharp teeth, along with sporting filthy brown gums, longer slim horns, and broader blade-shaped spines on the back. The bowtie and left glove on his hand are absent.

While the upper structure is larger, the shoulders are more stretched and sporting a long nail on each both elbows, chest covered with needle-like thorns, and as well surprisingly large arms with gnarly hands each possessing four clawed fingers and two holes that bears a heavy reminiscent to the style of the original Bendy's gloves. His lower body is much smaller than his upper torso as his legs and lower chest are very lanky. His feet, however, are still asymmetrical but changed differently; his right foot sports three toes while the left is extremely underdeveloped so much it is nothing more than a stubby spike.


Beast Bendy attains a more ferocious animal-like behavior with his movement, and his fighting techniques seem to be similar to that of gorillas, in that he uses only one arm to damage Henry and moves by knuckle-walking when walking with his massive arms that are much needed due to his small yet still-deformed legs. His ability to spread ink masses for his surroundings is absent, but Beast Bendy is still capable of teleporting through walls at a faster speed randomized. He will have a pattern of crossing the maze and can be seen with the Seeing Tool. Henry will die in a single hit when getting run over by him.


Early Life

Ink Bendy's first transformation into Beast Bendy was when killing Daniel Lewek by means of bisecting him with his teeth and then drowning him in the ink along with himself.[1]

In-Game Appearances

Bendy and the Ink Machine

Ink Bendy will transform into Beast Bendy near the end of Chapter 5 during the encounter inside the throne room. He then backhands Henry, building a huge hole through the wall.

Starting the encounter, Henry pushed in a maze full of corridors, which the beast himself will be charging through. Without weapons, Henry is defenseless against Beast Bendy. Using the Seeing Tool, Henry can see arrows depicting the path to follow, hugging the walls also allows Henry to dodge Beast Bendy ramming. Henry's objective is to pull all levers to open all door lead him to another location take place for the next encounter.

To the ink-pumping station, Henry suddenly twist the valves make Beast Bendy arrived. Starting the next encounter stage, Henry has to stand behind each ink tube when Beast Bendy tries to attack by ramming him to make the glass tube break. Beast Bendy is also being after ramming into a wall, in that case, Henry need to hurry to the next tube before Beast Bendy recovers.

After destroying all the ink tubes, Beast Bendy seemingly dissapears. Henry hurries through the opened door that leads back to the throne room and inserts the End reel to the throne chair. Beast Bendy then will surprisely appear behind Henry, and then prepare to attack him but becomes weakened by the "The End" screen displaying from the projection screens surrounding him, which eventually causes him to dissolve, finally ending this horrendous monster as Henry teleports to Joey's apartment home.


General Notes

  • Beast Bendy is faintly similar to the design between the Marvel character Venom and the Xenomorph alien from the movie Alien. It is also similar to William Alex Ryan‘s design of Ink Bendy used in the unrelated song "Brothers in Arms". In fact, Ryan actually saw this design and was speechless upon realizing the resemblance, even going as far as to comment "I think we may have predicted Bendy’s design!".
    • Beast Bendy's head is seemingly based on the Kindly Beast logo.
    • Incidentally, Beast Bendy's design really looks like Monstrous Black Hat.
    • Beast Bendy's design also bears a striking resemblance to the monster from Stewie's nightmare in the Family Guy episode "A Lot Going On Upstairs".
  • Beast Bendy's concept art shows that he has fully developed, symmetrical feet. However in-game, his left foot resembles more of a spike.
  • BeastBendy-in-BendyVSCuphead.png
    Beast Bendy appears in the Bendy VS Cuphead crossover battle animation created by Screwattack from Rooster Teeth. He is the third and final form of Bendy after his second form as Ink Bendy. He grabs and pins Cuphead to the wall with his hand, not hesitating to pull his head off before taking a huge sip from Cuphead's head and dropping it to the ground to finish the fight.

In-Game Notes

Chapter 3: Rise and Fall
  • The secret Beast Bendy drawing in the Safehouse.

    If using the Seeing Tool inside the living room of the Safehouse, the white marks in the shape of longer Bendy horns and a pair of massive clawed arms will be revealed around the Bendy clock, referencing Beast Bendy. This supposedly acts as a foreshadowing.
Chapter 5: The Last Reel
  • Rarely, during the second confrontation stage, there is a bug that causes Beast Bendy to get stuck to the wall, forcing the player to restart the encounter.
  • If hacking is used to look behind the throne during Ink Bendy's transformation into Beast Bendy, it can be seen that the former's model simply sinks beneath the floor whilst the latter's comes up to replace it.
  • In Beast Bendy's unused idle animation, his teeth clip through his head.
  • In the following scene after the battle, where Henry visits Joey at his apartment, Beast Bendy can be seen in Joey's drawings, from a couple of scenes such as where he battled Brute Boris and crushing the "The End" cartoon reel with his bare hand.


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