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"And if he really wants to be so helpful, he could be tellin' me what I'm to be doin' with this warehouse I got full of that angel whatchamacallit." - Shawn Flynn
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Barley's Crewmen are a group of characters in the "Promotional" Bendy comic strips.

General Description

Physical Appearance

Barley's Crewmen are a trio of pirates, each have their own distinctive appearence:

  • The first one is a large skeleton with a black beard and pointy lower teeth. He wears a black and white pirate hat and suit, with a black belt and cross strap with a black diamond-shaped jewel in the center.
  • The second one is a tall, skinny humanoid character with a black nose similar to Charley, a goatee and long hair tied up in a small ponytail. He wears a hoop earring on his left ear, a white shirt with puffy sleeves and a long ribbon on the right side, a black sleeveless jacket, and black pants with two white Mickey Mouse-like buttons.
  • The third one is a short anthropomorphic dog with a round nose, slicked back hair and lower fangs sticking out of his mouth. He wears a monocle on his right eye, a white bandana, a shirt with cuffs, boots and a pair of gloves.


Although we don't see them much, Barley's Crewmen are obviously meant to be stereotypical pirates: they are mean ruffians that are only interested in treasure.

Comic Appearances

They appear briefly during the beginning of the comic for The Devil's Treasure, where they are seen around a table alongside Barley, talking about the location of the treasure of the Flying Dutchdevil.

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