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This article is about audio log device. For a similar item in Boris and the Dark Survival, see Tape.

The audio log from Bendy and the Ink Machine.

Audio logs, also known as cassette players and tapes, are recording devices littered around the Cycle of the Bendy series. These narrative tapes are recorded from employees of Joey Drew Studios and are seen scattered in multiple areas. The name of the audio log's production brand is unknown.


The audio logs are considered to be diary tapes recorded by multiple employees of Joey's animation studio. Interacting with each one displays the transcript while playing the recorded voice of a studio employee describing their thoughts and events of the studio from the past, which also gives out lore behind the studio and elsewhere, as well as some hints for the protagonist's current goal. For example, In chapter 2 of the game, Henry found Wally's audio log hinting about finding the keys. Then, Sammy then said later in chapter 2 that Henry could use the instruments to get to the valve.



  • The audio logs are inspired by the audio diaries from the BioShock series since both shows in written form what has been recorded and show who the person is that recorded the log.[1] However, unlike from BioShock, the audio logs in the Bendy series cannot be picked up like an item, but still can be played anytime.



  1. "What also resonated with us most when playing through were the audio logs, which reminded us a lot of Bioshock. In Rapture you would find these logs to flesh out the world and provide light clues on things you could find, and here it's the same. One that sticks in our mind most is an unknown voice heard screaming and gurgling, which really works to build the atmosphere and the concept of this ruined world. It's simple but effective environmental storytelling, helping to give backstory to this world while at the same time leaving it empty and abandoned. - "Creating a Monster: Bendy and the Ink Machine", Gamereactor
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