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A group of animal people in Barnyard Opry.

The animal people are central background characters that appear in the Bendy comics. So far, aside from Boris the Wolf, no such characters explicitly appear anywhere in the theatrical cartoons.

Comic Appearances

Syndicated Comic Strips

  • Barnyard Opry (1931) - An audience of animal people are at the Barnyard Theater to see Bendy and Boris' performances.
  • Opening Act (1933) - Once again, there's an audience animal people that want to see Alice's singing.
  • Poor Yorick (1934) - The animals in the audience aren't very impressed by Bendy's act.
  • Opposites Attract (1935) - An anthropomorphic bunny is reading a newspaper on a bench.

Dime-Store Comics

  • To the Moon (1936) - A group of pirates are seen hanging out at a pier at the beginning of the comic.
  • Souper Boris (193?) - Miss Twisted, The Brute and Cameraman are seen causing trouble around the citizens of the city. There are also various animal cops that appear to arrest the evil trio.

Promotional Comics

  • Construction Corruption (1941) - A pig construction man gets angry at Boris for eating his lunch.
  • Showbiz Bendy (194?) - A crowd of animal people came to see Bendy's magic show. There's also an Italian pig cook at the end of the comic serving Boris food.
  • Giddyup, Bendy! (1946) - The villagers of Galloping Gulch are hiding from Barley the Bandit. They later come out of their hiding to see Barley and Bendy's chili cook off.

Known Individuals




  • The characters are mostly equivalents to the animal background characters from many vintage rubberhose cartoons, especially Disney's Mickey Mouse and Fleischer's Betty Boop cartoons.
  • In the Showbiz Bendy comic adaptation, there is a turtle character who bear some appearancewise similarities to Toby Tortoise from the 1935 Silly Symphony short The Tortoise and the Hare.
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