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Alice the Aviator (a.k.a.: Give them heck, Angel!) is the last known comic of the Dime-Store Comics era. The exact date of publication is unknown.



The story takes place 'across the pond' , during World War I, as Alice Angel hopes for a day when the skies will be free of conflict. She is confronted by a nun who is seeking a pilot. Alice calls herself 'the best on the front'. The nun asks Alice to deliver medicine to sick orphans on a mountain, giving her the pills necessary to cure them. Alice accepts before heading out to save the day. Boris, her mechanic in this comic, gives Alice some praise before saying people call her 'the angel of the sky'.

As she flies to her destination, Baron Barley gives chase after his minion spots her. Alice realizes she is being chased by recognizing the motor sound of Baron Barley's biplane. Baron Barley attacks Alice. Not wanting to deal with her nemesis, Alice tries explaining her situation with morse code. Baron Barley replies to his disbelief, suspecting Alice is trying to trick him into leaving. Alice attempts to ditch him by flying through the forest.

Once she finds the mountaintop orphanage, Alice realized she had led Baron Barley to it. Baron Barley, realizing Alice was telling the truth, opens fire at the orphanage; correctly believing she would use her plane to protect it.

Despite being shot down, Alice manages to deliver the medicine to the nuns and sick orphans. The head nun, Reverend Mother, deeming Baron Barley as an enemy, commands the other nuns to throw pots at his plane while trying not to harm him, in accordance to their oath to do no harm.

After knocking him down, the nuns and Alice confront Baron Barley. The nuns remain true to their oath of nonviolence while the orphans chase Baron Barley out of their home. The nuns then thank Alice for her help before repaying her by fixing her plane.

The comic ends with Alice winking at the audience while the narrator asks them to 'buy war bonds' and support the troops.


  • This is one of two known Dime-Store Comics to not feature Bendy in a prominent role; being completely absent in this comic. The other being "Souper Boris".
  • This is the second known comic to depict Alice wearing something other than her usual dress. The first being "Yukon Bendy" and the other being "The Devil's Treasure". The last of the three being a Promotional Comic.
  • This is the second time in the history of the Bendy franchise in which firearms have been depicted, as the machine gun on Baron Barley's plane appears to be based on the Model 1 Vickers Machine Gun.
  • The oath that the nuns follow appears to be the Hippocratic Oath. Further proving this is their oath to do no harm.
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