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"I got a bright little halo, and I'm filled with love... I'm Alice Angel!"
Alice's voice singing "I'm Alice Angel!",
Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chapter 3

Alice Angel is a cartoon character created by Joey Drew Studios. Similar to the other popular characters, like Bendy and Boris, Alice starred in a series of cartoons during her 1933 debut as the studio's first female cartoon character. She was the third character to be presented and created in Joey Drew Studios

General Description


"It has always been part of our plan to bring a dynamic, strong, and intelligent character like Alice to the table,"
Joey Drew[1]

On September 12th, 1933, Joey Drew Studios announced the first female character to join the ranks of their beloved cartoon characters Bendy and Boris. Alice was designed to be a counterbalance to the mischievous antics of Bendy and the easygoing nature of Boris the Wolf, she wants everything to be done right. She was the last character created by Henry Stein before he left the studio, but the record book of Joey Drew Studios states that Joey was the person who created her.

Alice Angel was first voiced by Susie Campbell who feels to bear a connection with Alice, unlike the other characters she previously voiced,[2] while mentioning that Sammy thinks Alice may be as popular as Bendy someday.[2] However, later on, Joey Drew announced that Allison Pendle is hired as the new voice actress for Alice Angel out of the blue,[3] much to Susie's utter shock and depression .[4] Susie then has a tape recording that states that she wants to fix this. The sequel to this tape is when Joey says that he has an opportunity, Susie then gets dragged into the inky experiment and was a "wiggling, pussing, shapeless slug" as heard by Susie in chapter 3. She then states: "The second made me an angel!". But Alice/Susie came out as an imperfect version of Susie who now has to rip out hearts and eat/consume them to become more "perfect". Alice mentions this many times in the game. We can also see all of the inky creatures' hearts that she ate. Most of them being Borises.

Despite Sammy's claims, Shawn Flynn, a merchandise worker within Joey Drew Studios, claimed that dolls of Alice were not selling well at all, implying she may not have been nearly as popular as believed so.

Physical Appearance

"A girl in a short black strapless dress with a halo."
Dreams Come to Life[5]

Alice is a female humanoid cartoon character with slightly wavy medium-length black hair, thin eyebrows, and black lipstick. She has a slender frame with a small waist and fairly wide hips. She wears a black dress similar to that of a 1920's flapper dress with a short skirt (which was seen as appealing in the 1920s/30s) with a white bow that is identical to Bendy's on the center of her bust line. Like the other characters, Alice has pie cut eyes with a single eyelash each, and a small mole under her right eye. She has slightly short arms wearing a pair of white gloves with circles drawn on the palms over black detached sleeves, and she also wears a pair of stockings with black laces, along with a couple of black pointed small-heeled shoes (though the heels aren't always visible due to their angle).

In the animated shorts, her appearance is slightly different than in-game: her hair is slightly less wavy and her dress is a little longer, thus covering the stockings' laces. She wears a much longer, floor-length version of her dress in "Siren Serenade", although her mole is seen near her left eye.

Alice has angelic traits, with a pair of white horns as well as a halo floating above her head. Her horns deflate and her halo distorts when she's in distress, as seen in her game-over image in Bendy in Nightmare Run.

In the comic strips, she is revealed to change her appearance to look rather menacing whenever she is furious, as notably shown in To the Moon. When she snaps, her horns grow bigger, her halo shrinks in size, she has sharper teeth and a pointier tongue. This same applies in Yukon Bendy when feeling devious, with two additional pointy fangs but her halo did not change.


"Alice isn't your typical girl next door. She's a character with charm, but brains too. When Bendy is getting up to something, Alice is there to throw a wrench into his schemes."
Joey Drew[1]

"What kind of gal? Well, she's quite a gal," said Joey Drew with a wry smile. "She sings; she dances. We think Alice's fiery, sharp character will really resonate with Bendy fans,"
Joey Drew[1]

Alice Angel is stated to be a dynamic, strong and intelligent character with charm and brains. She is there to stop Bendy's schemes whenever the little devil is up to something, acting as the more sensible side of the two. Suggested by the "SHE SINGS! SHE DANCES!" tagline from Alice's Sent From Above poster, Alice has a talent for dancing and singing. Heard from her "I'm Alice Angel" song from Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chapter 3, she is revealed to be sweet and happy-go-lucky, as her angelic nature would imply. Sammy Lawrence referred to Alice's voice as both "heavenly and beautiful".[6]

As shown in the cartoon "Cheap Seats", she is generally upbeat and enjoys spending time with Bendy, as evident by her agreeing to go see a film, upon seeing a poster.

Cartoon Appearances

Comic Appearances

Syndicated Comics (1932-1935)

  • On Cloud 9 (1933) - Alice notices Boris playing the clarinet, and she then decides to come down of her cloud and sing along to the music.
  • Mice Try (1933) - Bendy tries to prank Alice with a gift, and after receiving it, she uses his gift against him.
  • Opening Act (1933) - Bendy and Boris try to perform an opening act before the show, but the audience is only interested in Alice's performance.
  • True Love (1933) - Alice notices the Woolly Triplets build a kissing booth stand, so she decides to kiss one of them. Later, the Woolly Triplets are seen thinking about her.
  • Encore (1933) - Alice and Boris perform a duet, but while she's singing, Alice accidentally pushes Boris' clarinet down his throat.
  • Three for One (1934) - Alice notices the Woolly Triplets disguised as a tall guy to impress her. They fall over, so she decides to kiss them to make them feel better.

Dime Store Comics (1936-1940)

  • To the Moon (1936) - Alice gets dragged by Bendy and Boris to see the World's Largest Bacon Soup Can, as a trap from Charley to get rid of them. After he sends them to the moon, her and Bendy get in trouble with the Moon Vultures.
  • Papa Pluto's Pitchfork - Bendy decides to visit Alice after receiving his brand new pitchfork. When he arrives, Alice nonchalantly wishes to have more fans, and so Bendy decides to grant her wish. Unfortunately, Bendy's wishes go wrong, and her fans won't let her stop singing. After distracting them, the trio head over to the the Dancing Tree, who stole the pitchfork. Alice manages to sway him into giving her the pitchfork, and so she snaps it in half deleting all of it's wishes.
  • Yukon Bendy - Alice is seen dresses as a constable for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, riding her deer Carmacks, watching over the mountains. There she spots Bendy and Boris, where they explain to her that they are looking for treasure, so she makes up the story of the dangerous Sasquatch and his layer of treasures. She's later reappears at the end of the comic, where she sees Bendy and Boris run away from the mountain in fear.
  • Souper Boris - Alice only appears at the end of the comic, where she ends up buying the same radioactive bacon soup Boris ate that turned him into Souper Boris, announcing the next issue, featuring Souper Alice.
  • Alice the Aviator (1940) - Alice gets a task from a nun to deliver pills to a mountain for the ill orphans at the orphanage. While she flies there, she gets into a fight with Barley. When she almost gets there, Barley shoots her plane down, making her crash right into the orphanage. Fortunately, the nuns and the children have her back, as they manage to defeat Barley and his plane. Soon after, the nuns repair Alice's plane and she flies off.

Promotional Comics (1941-1946)

  • Showbiz Bendy (1941) - Alice assists Bendy in one of his magic tricks. Bendy makes Alice float by using his magic, passing a hoop through her body, showing no strings holding her. Afterwards. Bendy makes Alice spin away from the stage, ending the trick and leaving Alice nauseous.
  • The Devil's Treasure - Alice shows up as a mermaid. She promises to help Bendy and Boris out dealing with Barley and his crew, as long as they don't sail through her waters again.
  • All Washed Up - Alice and Boris end up getting kicked in Bendy's washing barrel by the fishes.



Bendy and the Ink Machine

Alice appeared from the second to the fifth chapter of Bendy and the Ink Machine as several props dedicated to her like plush toys, brief cutouts, and cartoon clips. Twisted Alice and Allison Angel are the original Alice's real-life counterparts.

  • In Chapter 2: The Old Song, Alice is first revealed in a "Sent From Above" poster on the wall, located to the right of the music department hall next to the pool room.
  • In Chapter 3: Rise and Fall, from the Heavenly Toys department, posters, plush toys, and even a cardboard cutout of Alice can be found throughout the chapter. In the room dedicated to Alice before Twisted Alice shows up for a jump scare, several televisions turn on automatically and play the "I'm Alice Angel" song performed by Alice Angel for a little while. Shortly after, Twisted Alice shows up for the first time. On Level 9's inner chamber, a giant statue of Alice holding a "SHE'S QUITE A GAL!" sign can be seen above the entrance to the flooded warehouse.
  • In Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders, more numerous environments (posters, sculpture heads, etc.) related to Alice Angel reappeared around multiple locations.
  • In Chapter 5: The Last Reel, Alice Angel appears in posters and animation clips. In Joey's diary cassette that is located in his office, Alice is mentioned by Joey while discussing his plan with her former voice actress to bring her and the other cartoon characters to reality. She also appears in the after-credits scene in a signed photo from Henry picturing her, Bendy, and Boris holding hands.


Dreams Come to Life

  • Her halo can be seen carved into Henry's desk with the words "I'll try to do you proud, Henry".

Sent From Above

  • The origin of Alice's creation will be told in this novel.

Spin-off Appearances

Bendy in Nightmare Run

Alice's appearance in Nightmare Run.

"Sent from above, Alice Angel is a singing, dancing cartoon sensation who brings a little light into everything she touches... often upsetting those who prefer the dark!"
Character description

  • Cost: 7,500 Bacon Soup
  • Default HP: 8
  • Advantages: Extra Bacon Soup pack spawn
  • Disadvantages: Has less health than average

Alice Angel appears in the mobile spin-off as one of the playable characters, available when purchasing 7,500 Bacon Soup cans. While having a slightly less health, she is able to spawn extra Bacon Soup packs in 2, 4, and 6 during gameplay.


General Notes

  • Alice's design appears to be inspired by Betty Boop, a cartoon creation of Fleischer Studios from a similar time period to the game. They are similar in that they act as a beautiful and cheerful female character to act as a polar opposite to the other main character of the respective studio (Betty Boop to Bimbo, Alice to Bendy). Furthermore, similarly to Betty Boop, Alice's "Sent From Above" poster tagline reads that she's both a dancer and a singer.
  • The fact that Alice has both a halo and a pair of horns but lacks wings implies that she is a fallen angel, supported by the fact that the episode she first stars in is titled Sent From Above.
  • The circles drawn in each palm of Alice's gloves are not only strikingly identical to the way Mickey's gloves looked during the 1930's (the image for example), but could also be a reference to stigmata, a term in Christian faith to describe marks or sores on the body in the same places Jesus Christ was crucified, referencing her status as an angel.
  • From theMeatly's first Q&A video, when it was questioned if Bendy and Alice are dating (just like Betty Boop and Bimbo were), theMeatly's only response was a look of seemingly shocked silence.[7]
    • Based on a description of her merchandise posted on Tumblr, everyone implied that Bendy and Alice Angel were lovers, but until now, the post has been confirmed as fake because Joey Drew Studios Inc doesn't use Tumblr.[8]

In-Game Notes

  • According to theMeatly on Twitter, Alice is "quite a gal", a hint to the tagline that would accompany her appearance in Chapter 3."That Angel... she's quite a girl."[9] The tagline, "SHE'S QUITE A GAL!", held by Alice's statue in Chapter 3, is a reference to the same tweet.
    • theMeatly also stated that there is no problem "an Angel" can't fix, foreshadowing Alice's physical reveal in the same chapter."There's no problem an Angel can't fix."[10]
  • Alice is the only cartoon character who has been confirmed to speak with words in the show. Additionally, she is the only one with a confirmed voice actor.
Chapter 3: Rise and Fall
  • Suggested by the "I'm Alice Angel" song performed by the actress Lauren Synger from the game's development team, it is entirely possible that Alice's singing in-game is voiced by Allison Pendle instead of Susie who was replaced unexpectedly, as Susie herself is voiced by Alanna Linayre while Allison is assumed to be voiced by Lauren.

  • Similar to Boris, Alice's appearance is model after some of her PhatMojo merchandise products, such as collectible figure packs and clips. PhatMojo's logo seen in the mobile's beginning screen before the starting menu clearly explains Alice's design.
  • Alice's outfit design seen after defeating Gaskette on the "Death and Taxis" level's final act seems similar to J. Howard Miller's 1943 "We Can Do It!" World War II wartime poster.

  • Audio

    Description Audio
    Alice Angel in the televisions singing "I'm Alice Angel" in Chapter 3.


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