Achievements are unlockable features from all five chapters in Bendy and the Ink Machine. These can be only unlocked while in online mode with an internet connection.

So far, there are a total of 60 achievements to unlock for Steam port. The achievements are also available in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ports, but some are either removed or entirely different due to platform limitations.


Chapter 1: Moving Pictures

There are 6 achievements to unlock in Chapter 1.

Name Image Description Note
The Taste of Home
Canadian Bacon icon
Collect all the Bacon Soup in Chapter 1. -
The Past Speaks
Listen to all audio logs in Chapter 1. -
Picking Up the Pieces
Picking Up the Pieces icon
Collect all items. -
Hello Bendy
Hello Bendy icon
Fall through the floor. -
The Creator
The Creator and Man Behind the Curtain icon
Visit theMeatly. He appears behind the poster in Boris' Room, and can be accessed after turning on the Ink Machine.
Crooner Tuner
Crooner Tuner icon
Turn on the radio. The Radio is on the desk in the Small Office, nearby the Disorganized Area. When the light coming from under the door turns off, the room can be accessed.

Chapter 2: The Old Song

There are 9 achievements to unlock in Chapter 2.

Name Image Description Note
The Believer
The Believer icon
Survive being chased by Bendy. -
My Favorite Song
My Favorite Song icon
Solve the music puzzle. -
Old Problems
Listened to all audio logs in Chapter 2. -
Coast to Coast
Coast to Coast icon
Turn on the radio. The radio is on the desk inside Sammy's Office.
Johnny's Broken Heart
Johnny's Broken Heart icon
Play the pipe organ 5 times.
Man Behind the Curtain
Visit theMeatly. He appears behind the "Sheep Songs" poster in the Music Writing Room, and can be accessed after turning on the ink pump.
Strike Up the Band
Strike Up The Band icon
Get all the Bendys on stage. Go to the Recording Booth, turn on the Projector and head down to the Recording Studio. Repeat this process until eight Bendy cutouts appear in the Recording Studio.
Canadian Bacon
Canadian Bacon icon
Collect all the Bacon Soup in Chapter Two. -
A Special Hat
Run into Jack Fain. Defeat Swollen Jack by crushing him.

Chapter 3: Rise and Fall

There are 17 achievements to unlock in Chapter 3.

Name Image Description Note
Darker Places
Survived the Inky Abyss on Level 14. -
Knick-Knack Paddywhack
Got the poor doggie a bone. The bone can be picked up after opening the Safe House doors.
Blazing Metal
Unleash the Tommy Gun. The Tommy Gun can be obtained by turning the Ink Toy into the ink machine, choosing the Demon Path Room and surviving Physical Alice's tasks without dying.
The Path of the Demon
Choose the way of Bendy. -
The Path of the Angel
Choose the way of Alice. -
Turn It Up
Coast to Coast icon
Turn on the radio in Chapter 3. The radio is in Stairways 2 (Level 11).
Norman's Fate
Bring down the Projectionist. He can be killed with any weapon, even the Gent Pipe, albeit slowly.
Inner Child
Play with 25 Bendy dolls. They can be found on Level K in Toy Storage.
Bring Home the Bacon
Canadian Bacon icon
Collect all Bacon Soup in Chapter 3. -
Long Forgotten Self
Listen to Henry's audio log. The audio log appears in the Sunken Room. In order to access it, turn on the pump hidden behind the boards in the Inky Abyss.
Ultimate Stomachache
Hunted down all Swollen Searchers on Level 11. -
Front Lines
Survive the Butcher Gang's attack. -
Anger Management
Destroy all Bendy cutout on Chapter 3. -
Feeling the Pressure
Solve all valve panel puzzles on Level P. -
Spare Parts
Find all of Alice Angel's gears on Level K. -
Hearing Voices
Listen to all of the tape recordings in Chapter 3. -
Tea Time
Kick back with theMeatly. He appears behind the poster in the Small Workshop, and can be accessed after collecting all the Ink Hearts.

Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders

There are 13 achievements to unlock in Chapter 4.

Name Image Description Note
Around and Around
Defeat Bertrum. -
A Haunting We Will Go
Restore power to the Haunted House. -
Finger Waggin
Coast to Coast icon
Find the radio in Chapter 4. The radio can be made with the very first Ink Maker in the game.
Still Listening
Listen to all audio logs in Chapter 4. -
Just Like Mom Used to Make
Canadian Bacon icon
Collect all the bacon soup in Chapter 4. -
Wasting Time
Ring the bell. -
Bulls Eye
Get a perfect score on the Bull's Eye Bonanaza. -
Call the Milk Man
Get a perfect score on Bottle Wallop. -
A Little Souvenir
Take a photo at the photo cutout. The photo cutout is in the Maintenance room. Just go behind it and look into the camera.
Going to be Sick
Go for a wild ride. Ride one of Bertrum Piedmont's arms without dying.
Found Boris. -
Visit theMeatly. When you find a valve and and open the door at the beggining of a chapter, go back to Grant Cohen's office and open the door to your left. Go inside the room where you need to go through the Boris poster.
Unlikely Victory
The Creator and Man Behind the Curtain icon
Complete Chapter 4 with the plunger. After you restore power to the Haunted House, go back to Maintenance room. Then go upstairs and find a lever. Next to the lever is a chest which you need to open and grab to wheel inside it. After you'll fight Boris, you need to choose Plunger in Ink Maker instead Gent Pipe.

Chapter 5: The Last Reel

There are 15 achievements to unlock in Chapter 5.

Name Image Description Note
CH5 Goldbricking
Let others do the work. Let Allison and Tom kill all the Searchers and Lost Ones.
Standing Proud
CH5 Standing Proud
Find out where you belong. Stand on the pedestal in the Archives chapter.
A Sweet Discovery
CH5 A Sweet Discovery
Say hello to an old friend. Find theMeatly. After drain ink in the corridor by place all pipes, he can be found in the small room with Boris poster next to Joey Drew's office.
Pipes and Problems
CH5 Pipes and Problems
Found a new way through. Create and place all the missing pipes to drain your passage.
Shadows and Suffering
CH5 Shadows and Suffering
Discover what's living below. Complete the battle with the Searchers and Lost Ones.
Valued Employee
Take a longer walk. Sneak past the Butcher Gang members undetected.
Bathe in violence. Don't die during battle with Searchers and Lost Ones, also try to kill as many as you can.
The Voice Collector
CH5 The Voice Collector
Listen to all audio logs in the game. -
To Hell and Back
CH5 To Hell and Back
Complete the Main Story.

Finish the game.

Master of Bacon
CH5 Master of Bacon
Collect all of the bacon soup in the game. -
No Need for a Spoon
Canadian Bacon icon
Collect all the Bacon Soup in Chapter Five. -
Gold Record
CH5 Gold Record
Find all of the hidden radios in the game. -
Toe Tappin
CH5 Toe Tappin
Find the Radio in Chapter Five. The Radio is in one of the boxes in Film Vault.
Now Hear This!
Listen to all audio logs in Chapter Five. -
Grand Puppeteer
CH5 Grant Puppeteer
Find theMeatly in all chapters. -

Game Jolt Achievements

Before two previous chapters were removed from Game Jolt, these "achievements" are actually trophies, and each worth EXP points. There are only 11 trophies to unlock.

Name Trophy EXP
Picking Up the Pieces
Hello Bendy
My Favorite Song
The Believer
Crooner Tuner
10 EXP
Coast to Coast
10 EXP
Johnny's Broken Heart
10 EXP
The Creator
15 EXP
Man Behind the Curtain
15 EXP
Strike Up The Band
20 EXP
Canadian Bacon
20 EXP


  • The achievement called "Hello Bendy" is the same name of a Halloween DLC.
  • Before Chapter 3's update patch 1.3.1, the "Hearing Voices" was unobtainable because of a bug.
  • One of the Chapter 5 achievements is called "To Hell and Back", a reference to one of Thomas Connor's quotes from Chapter 3 when talking about how unsafe the elevator is.
  • "A Haunting We Will Go" is a parody on the folk song "A hunting we will go".
  • "Goldbricking" is a derogatory euphemism referring to being lazy.
  • "No Need for a Spoon" is a reference to how it says "Eat with fork" on the label.
  • "Just Like Mom Used to Make" is a reference to a quote from the Bacon Soup poster.


Description Audio
The sound produced when unlocking an achievement in-game from the deleted Game Jolt port.
SFX Achievment Gamejolt 01

B = Bendy and the Ink Machine • NR = Bendy in Nightmare Run

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